Friday, September 2, 2011

Facts of me from A-Z

I'm generally a shy person and more of the listener rather than the talk-about-one's-self kind of friend.  But Lexie of voiceboks has created this ABC's of me event and I thought I just have to participate as everyone's having fun.  Voiceboks is really a wonderful and helpful site for moms (and everyone else) to build network and traffic.  If you haven´t joined voiceboks I really suggest you join.  It´s a fun site and everyone´s just friendly and supportive.

I am actually enjoying reading everyone's ABCs than creating mine :) but a girl's gotta participate too and not just stalk ;-)  So here goes mine.

Artist.  Escape artist, that is.  Having a little one that only sleeps with the boobies and holding on to THE mami, I learned to become a very good escape artist freeing myself from her clutch and not wake her up in the process.

Breastfeeding enthusiast.  We've been breastfeeding for 16months and 2 weeks now!

Contortionist.  See letter A.

Devoted to my family.  My family is my life.

Environmentalist.  At least, I try to be.  We cloth diaper for instance :)

Filipina and a very proud one at that! 

Green.  No, not green as in dirty mind! Green as in earth-friendly.

Homesick most of the time.  I do have a new home now as I have formed my own famiy with a doting husband and a perfect daughter but I still miss my first home all the time.  It's really hard to be oceans away from the people you love.

Introvert in general.  I love mingling with people, I love making friends but I was never a big fan of having night-outs though I enjoy them once in a while.  Most of the time, I just love spending the weekend at home cuddled to hubby while watching our fave movie or tv shows. 

Jolly.  I am generally a jolly person... but yeah, sometimes I do have my dramas too.

 Keen on smells. I am very sensitive on smell inspite of having a very small flat nose.  I consider it a blessing.  But when I got pregnant?  Doomsday for me.  Or rather doomsdays. Everything smells sooooo strong and irritates me to no end.  The coffee smell that I am so inlove with?  It was unbearable for me. 

LOL.  I love to laugh out loud and I do laugh out loud.  Even in public.  Sometimes, I scare people.

Married to the man God has chosen for me. 

No sense of direction. Gosh I swear, I am terrible with directions and I just wish I am the other way around.  I get lost ALL time. 

Oceans away from my parents, siblings, relatives and friends.  But they are always and will always be close to my heart.

Passionate about motherhood.  It's a dream that has now come true.

Queer.  I can be odd sometimes like I love to sleep with a pillow on top of my head (especially in the eye area).

Reserved most of the time.  I'm gnerally a shy person (anyone would like to disagree?). Except when I laugh.  I love a good laugh. 

Second to the eldest in the family.  I have 4 sisters and a brother who's the youngest.

Tearjerky.  I'm quite the emotional type and normally would have a hard time controlling my tears.  I would cry when I get really, really angry.

Unavailable. Sorry, boys!

Verdant when it comes to baking (and maybe to so many other things in life heh!).  But I am really enjoying baking especially when hubby loves  what I bake. 

Wide-eyed, which was often the cause of me getting teased a lot by kids when I was young.  I was called by different names because of having big and wide eyes.  Kids can be really mean, you know.

eXuberant when it comes to showing and giving my love to my daughter.

Yummy to my husband. No one can dispute that!

ZzzZZZzzzZZ'ng is my favorite past time.  I can practically sleep anywhere.  In a bus, in a jeepney, in tricycles, in a metro, in airplanes,in taxis, in cars, and any moving vehicle I guess :).  The movement lulls me to sleep!

Wow, that was tough!


  1. I loved z(zzzz). I, too, can sleep anywhere! I call myself a professional napper!

  2. I love your list! I love your terms 'escape artist' and 'contortionist'. I can relate with my breastfeeding days too. Proud to be a Filipino too. It's nice to meet you here.

    Gracias! Salamat for dropping by my blog. Returning the love,

  3. Great list!I like A a lot as I could relate when I breast fed. It was like a disappearing act. Funny how our Q's are only one letter difference =D

  4. @championm2000 - a professional napper! Now I have a better name for what I do good haha!

    @Katya kate - what mommies can learn through motherhood, right? :-)

    @Rachel - haha your Q is not something many can do so it can be considered as being odd ergo, my Q ;-) I hate to say this but you won over me in the oddity dept :-p

  5. Awesome list... I WISH I could sleep anywhere! I can pretty much only fall asleep in my own bed, after everything is done, in total darkness and silence or white noise. As you can imagine with a 9 month old baby this is next to impossible... and we co-sleep!! I'm a recovering insomniac so I can run on next to no sleep easily but believe me, I cherish the sleep I do get!
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you back now!
    Angela @ First Comes Baby...

  6. I see so much of myself in you, seriously! I am also an undisputed introvert who prefers to listen rather than talk. I am tearjerky too and have absolutely no sense of direction :)

    Thanks for the voiceboks tip. am hopping over there now.

  7. thanks for sharing these. we hava a lot in common.. i like to sleep with pillow on my forehead, a tearjerker , LOL and truly devoted to my FAMILY.

    grateful that we're friends. mwaah!

  8. Glad to get to know you! You are brave to follow your heart and leave what you know and love...but it sounds like it's working out well. Thanks for stopping by mamawolfe!

  9. Ha ha, Unavailable...*cute*

    You're a lovely person, and a GREAT mom SP. I loved reading your A-Z list.

  10. Congratulations on your success with nursing! I breastfed my son for 14 months and then we mutually agreed it was time to stop, but I was prepared to go to two years.

    Nice to meet you and to learn about you! I'm a new follower from VoiceBoks.

  11. Spanish Pinay I sent you an email, it's from Salma. Please check your spam if it's not in your inbox.

  12. Nice to know more about you! Thanks for sharing!

  13. LOL!! omgness LOVE your list. I can totally relate to A. Im the same way with my daughter.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. =)

  14. What a terrific list! What a great accomplishment to be nursing at 16 months. Little Bit and I made it to 13 months and I was so thankful for that time together. What a beautiful bond it creates between Momma and baby.

  15. natawa naman ako sa letter z mo, hehe!

  16. Love the list, and i enjoy posts like these that share a bit more about who you are. I can relate with loving beastfeeding and being an escape artist! That's an art in itself =) And everyone loves a little Zzzzzs here and there =)

  17. I'm just like you on H, K, N and T! It doesn't matter how big you make your own family, you'll still miss your original family! Hugs to you! Stopping in from Following you on GFC now!
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  18. Wow, congrats on your breastfeeding journey. I hope you can continue since most women either don't have enough or give up. You're not queer, many people have different sleeping patterns.
    Hope you get to see your family sometime soon. I'm sure it must not be easy.
    It's so great to read more about you. I feel more connected to you :)
    Wishing you a wonderful day,

  19. I can relate to your list a lot, especially letter $. I am reserved most of the time but I laugh when I get nervous and sometimes it comes out like some loud guffaw and I get embarrassed LOL.

  20. nice sis! it was fun and an easy read.

  21. This is so awesome! I love that you love your family so much. I know how hard it is to be a long distance away from family members. While it's not an ocean that separates us, my mom and dad both live on the western coast of the US and I'm on the East Coast. Since my mom is afraid to fly, it's been almost two years since I've seen her. Heart breaking....

    So nice to get to know you better. Visiting from voiceboks.

    Many blessings,

  22. me, always late sigh! love to know cutesy stuff about you. hope you stop by and read mine.. x0

  23. I can relate to quite a few of your Letters for example, H, I am also far away from my family and I miss them, I, I am also introvert, J, I'm also Jolly, and I can relate about the keen smell in pregnancy, I could smell a garbage can a mile away. I'm totally the same as you with the N and the O, and totally love to have my ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's :) Thanks for commenting on my ABC's too :) Great Post!

  24. Awesome list!! I wish I could sleep anywhere lol!


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