Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crashed Potato

Looks yummy? IT IS! 

Let me tell you a short story first...

Yesterday, I wasn't so sure what to prepare for lunch.  I wanted something really quick but not a blah if you know what I mean.  Hubby is still watching his diet (I suppose we all should watch our diet for obvious health reasons, yes?) so that also added some more challenge over the choice of what to cook for lunch.  And I must say, this scenario repeats itself everyday.  The never ending question:  What to cook today?

Somewhere along the way, between work, like a manna from heaven this recipe popped up on my screen.  It looked a bit complicated at first but as I was reading the step by step and looking at the photos, I realized it was totally on the contrary.  We love potatoes in this household and potatoes is one of those items in hubby's diet list (provided by the family doctor) that can be eaten daily.  Easy recipe? Favorite foody? Can be eaten daily?  We have a winnerie! I know there's no such word as winnerie, but I am trying to make everything rhyme ok? Just dig it.

It turned out so good it will be a crime if I do not share it.  While you can just follow the link above for the recipe, I have here my own version.  Sooo here we go!

Put amount of potatoes you like into boiling salted water.  The presentation will be prettier if you use smaller potatoes, so then you wouldn't have to cut them.  I only have humungous potatoes at home so I had to cut them into smaller pieces.  But I tell you, it didn't affect the taste of this recipe in a bad way at all.  No need to peel the potato.  The fun is in the skin!  Just make sure they are washed thoroughly :)  Let the potatoes boil until fork-tender.

Here you can use a cookie sheet.  I don't have a big one so I just used the oven tray and covered it with a baking sheet.   Then I poured over some olive oil.  This is the part where I wish I have an oil dispenser so I can pour the oil in a more even distribution and then it can look more professional.  But hey, no sweat... you can just spread the oil with the potato or a brush.

Line up the potatoes and make sure you put enough space between them.

Crash the potato.  This is the heart of this recipe.  If you have a potato masher, yay for you! Use it.  Crash the potato down in one swift movement then rotate the masher 90 degrees and then crash the potato down again.  If you are like me and you don't have a potato masher, be creative and use anything that can work to flatten the potatoes a bit.  I used a combination of the bottom of a glass and fork to give texture.

Using a brush, spread olive oil on top of each crashed potatoes.  Be generous, don't be afraid.  Or yes, be afraid and watch out the calories :-D  Don't say I am not promoting good health.

The original recipe called for Kosher salt to be sprinkled on top.  I don't even know what's Kosher salt so therefore, I don't have it at home.  But I have my pink salt and it was just perfect.  I am so loving this Himalayan salt.  Just like how Kosher was described, Himalayan salt adds pizzazz in your food but not making it taste like salt.  I don't know if that makes sense but it's just cool!  So sprinkle whatever salt you have at home.

Here you sprinkle some rosemary or whatever herb you like.  I used rosemary and garlic powder.  We love garlic here.  You can also sprinkle some cheese perhaps or even bacon bits.  Or if you want to go a bit wild on the health issue use butter instead of olive oil to spread on top of potato. You can choose healthier or yummier :-D  The possibilities are endless!

Ok, then finally, put the cookie sheet or the baking tray on the top most rack of the oven with high temp like 230ºC or 450ºF for about 20minutes or until you see potatoes turned into beautiful yummy golden brown.

When done, scoop them out, baby! and impress your hubby or loved ones at home :)  Eat them, they're really good!  Just by the smell, you'd know it's amazingly good.

This is a very good side dish.  With steak perhaps.  Or it can be your main dish too if you are a real potato lover... then add some cauliflower or broccolis on the side.. .again the possibilities are endless!

So here are my potatoes.  I know they are nothing like the first photo above.  That one is from the site where I copied the recipe from.  Remember, I didn't use potato masher? Coz I don't have one? So my potatoes turned out a little bit flatter.  But they're good.  I am not even sure I'd prefer it any other way.  Being flatter, it made the potato really crispy.... so I guess in the end, it depends on how you like your potatoes to be :)

I tell you, try this out! You won't regret it.  It's suuuuuuper easy and terribly yummy.  It was so good, hubby and I decided to do it again in the evening.  You know I'm talking about the potatoes, right? Yeah, the crashed potatoes ;-)


  1. It looks very delish. My hubby loves all things potatoes. Once I made scalloped potatoes 4 times in a week. I will try this and let you know how it goes.

    "Like manna from heaven..." You are so funny, but you made your point. Good for you trying it out, even though it looked complicated.


  2. i will definitely try this recipe. =)

  3. That sounds SO good! I'm almost tempted to make them right now... but it's 11pm so that would be silly. I'll definitely remember this one next time they have potatoes at the farmer's market! have a great night!
    Angela @ First Comes Baby...

  4. That looks delicious! My daughter LOVES potatoes in all forms so I am going to give this a try soon... and the bonus, she can crash them for me!!! :) Thanks for sharing your version of the recipe! Have a great weekend!

  5. They look awesome and quick to make, too. Have you tried making 'empanadas' yet?

  6. You'll be visiting the Philippines again right? Oh, make sure to buy Jollibee's Hash Brown Burger. It's a burger minus the bun, instead they use potatoes! I'm sure your hubby will love it.=)



  7. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! My kids and I love potatoes!! =)

  8. looks yummy..i heart potatoes especially mashed potatoes


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