Monday, September 12, 2011

Is it time?

... for an anti-aging cream?  I turned 32 today and suddenly the thought hit me.  Is it some sort of 30s syndrome?  I don't know but I suddenly caught myself several times looking at the mirror closely to pay special attention on my skin.  Perhaps it's kind of getting dull and dry on some areas.  I didn't find any wrinkles yet (or maybe the light is just a bit a dim) but I feel like time is already showing.  I am not conscious about my age.  I openly tell people about my age without any hesitance - unlike many fine women :)  But then I do like to have good skin and would like that my skin will not be telling people that I have 10yrs more than I actually have.

And yes, mommy or not, we should be taking good care of our skin, yes?  Of course nothing beats a good 8-hour sleep, good eating habits and exercise and drinking 8 glasses of water a day to having good skin.  All of those are easy to do in a perfect world.  But while my world is a happy and perfect for me, it's not THAT perfect to give me 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Plus, I have special weakness on junk food.  Also? I hate exercising.  Another thing? I don't really count my water intake and through an intelligent guess? I don't think I'd reach 8 glasses of water a day.  So, yes, I am a total wreck when it comes to "being healthy"

That's why I need some help from these hydrating/moisturizing/nourishing creams... and now most probably a rejuvenating cream :)  

So maybe it's time to retire the current hydrating cream (a.k.a hubby's cream) I am using and use an anti-aging one? 

I've read that asian skins are lesser prone to early signs of wrinkles.  Age is shown first through discoloration and maybe sagging.  Maybe that is why I am not yet sporting some wrinkles and almost all of my asian friends that of the same age as mine.  Also? I look at my mom and it makes me hopeful coz at age 57, she doesn't have obvious wrinkles yet.   Then again, we don't have the same health habits so genes might not just work 100% on me. Sooooo there I go, contemplating on an anti-aging cream.

Thoughts girls? At what age have you started using anti-aging creams (if already using one)?  At what age should we start considering anti-aging creams?  Any recommendations? :)


  1. Happy birthday sis! I have been using moisturizer also but after reading your blog, it made me think of using anti-aging cream too. Hoping to see a lot of suggestions here! Had to keep an eye on this entry, hehe =)

  2. actually they say that you should start taking anti-aging creams as early as mid-20s to slow the appearance of skin aging. we asians are indeed luckier in a sense that we look younger than our foreign counterparts, still, it is no excuse to skip anti-aging skin care.

    i started using anti aging products when i was in mid 20s (i'm 29 now), those were the cheap ones, (ponds, oil of olay) and i think they really helped in keeping my appearance youthful. i recommend you try pond's gold, a bit pricey but it's really good.

  3. Oh you are too cute! Happy Birthday!!! (my hubby just turned 37 on the 10th) 32?!! You have years before you need to worry about wrinkles! And you make a good point -- Asian skins do have its advantages -- my mom is always mistaken for my sister! I think i'll just enjoy being "young" for as long as I can! When i tell people I am a few years away from 40, they do not believe me... i think i'll cheer for that now! :) Hope you had a great bday!

  4. I am turning 32 this year and I've been using anti-aging treatments since I was about 24... but I'm a little paranoid and I LOVE the sun so I figured I'd be proactive. I use Patricia Wexler products. You can get them online or at Bath and Body Works, not TOO pricy but definitely more than drugstore brands. I love them though, no overpowering scents and most are very light. I also openly tell people my age because I don't feel 'old' and I enjoy the surprised look on people's faces who assume I'm younger! Good luck finding a line that you love!
    Angela @ First Comes Baby...

  5. Huwag ka ng mamoroblema ng wrinkles mo OLAY lng yan..tpos!!!

  6. one night husband brought home boxes of anti-aging cream. I was so tempted to use it because I am going through that 30's syndrome too. But the label says it's for people aged 40 and above so technically, Im not yet qualified. I'm giving myself 5 more years before I go all out on these creams. For now, it's BB creams, sunblock and regular facial for me. Im also considering microdermabrasion but when I'm 40 something na.

  7. I think the best treatment for your skin is keep hydrated, away from harmful UV-rays, and sleep (whenever you can). And don't worry, wrinkles are signs of wisdom and maturity :)
    Hope you're having a great week,

  8. Happy Birthday Lhot!(oh diba feeling close na close)hehe..seriously though, my mom used to tell me to stop frowning and keep smiling, best advice ever. Plus, when applying cream on your face, make sure to apply it upwards - DIY facelift tip also from my mom. Besides, it's the same thing Koreans do for sporting baby faces and oh, they do it for 20mins a day!

    Lots of Smiles,


  9. happy birthday sis! age is just a number =)
    for sensitive skin i use clinique but recently i tired the cheaper one..PONDS! twas great..i don't feel any itchy feeling

  10. Thank you ladies!

    these are all good advices. In the end, I am going to get one for me. We'll see :) Most importantly is that I will try to keep my skin hydrated as much as I can. Good luck to us, ladies! :)

  11. Happy Birthday sis!
    You know sis, honestly ha, you look younger than your age. :)


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