Saturday, October 22, 2011

Home made rice puffs

In the Philippines, rice is a staple food. It's like bread for Spain; will never be out of the picture in a meal.  Heck, we even eat rice for breakfast (or merienda).   Due to hot and humid weather in the Philippines too, food can easily get spoiled and rice is number one victim most often.  Getting food spoiled is my mom's number one pet peeves especially that many times, we wouldn't even have enough food for a whole day.  So my mom has some tricks under her sleeves to recycle left-over and not put them to waste.  One of which is making her own rice puffs.  She would normally do this in the afternoon and we'd wake up from our nap with the smell of rice puffs freshly made with a touch of sugar on top of it.  

These are normally done with the left-over rice; sometimes even rice that are already on the verge of getting spoiled.  The rice is extended on a bilao and let the rice dry up under the sun.  She'd normally put it on top our roof.... ahhh, the memories of drying things up under the sun... daing, pusit.... I gotta stop.


Once the rice has completely dried up (hard consistency), she'd fry it in small batches in a deep frying pan.  Voila, home made rice puffs.  She'd sprinkle it with sugar and we'd gobble them hungrily.

I've been wanting to do this here in Spain but I have one big problem:  The moment I put the rice under the sun, they won't last not even for a minute.  The doves and seagulls would feast on it in no time.  So I kind of held back for a while until I discovered that I can dry the rice up in the oven too!  It wasn't bad at all.  Hubby loved 'em.  He ate 'em with his soymilk and his exact word was espectacular! (spectacular).  

Rice puffs freshly made

Close up

As for me, I love it just the way we used to eat them.  Plain rice puffs sprinkled with sugar.  Little Spanish Pinay loved them too!  She ate them like they were chips.  

Here's how I made them:

Preheat oven to 100ºC.  Extend the left-over rice (or even freshly made) on an oven tray covered with parchment paper and place inside the oven.  Lower down the temperature to 80ºC and let it bake for 2 hours or until it's completely dry.

Heat oil on a small deep frying pan. I used a small pot.  250 ml of oil should be enough.  Fry in small batches in over just a minute without letting the rice get browned (unless preferred).

That's it! Easy peasy breezy!


  1. Lovely idea for left-over rice. We love Basmati Rice and sometimes have a bunch that could be used for this. Thanks for a great idea!

  2. Lovely recipe...great idea for left-over rice which we sometimes have as we love Basmati Rice and always have a container in the fridge on hand.

  3. drying the rice in the oven? now that's sweet! thanks for the idea, will definitely be trying this soon.

    by the way sis, i just tagged you, you can check it out here, hi ate beth, musta na? ni-tag nga pala kita sa blog ko, you can check it out here :)

  4. What wonderful childhood memories for you! These sound pretty tasty.

    I made some apple pies last week and had some leftover pie dough. I made "pigs" which are a childhood treat. Lots of sweet memories!

  5. Ginagawa din namin yan sa leftover rice. Minsan maski yung tutong ganyan din gawa namin. Sarap nga yan with sugar lang!

  6. Thanks for this, i'll give them a go the next time we have left over rice. This just brought back a lot of great childhood memories =)

  7. It's so great to read more about your food traditions and recipes. Believe it or not, we love rice in our home, too. But I don't think I ever heard of rice puffs, though. Don't you just love it when all the family like your recipes :)

  8. Your post reminded me of what my helper did yesterday. My husband told her the rice was a on the way to getting spoiled and instead of throwing it away, she made sinangag putting bagoong in it! It smelled so good I was tempted to eat it myself! Patsy from

  9. made me laugh when you said you can't dry rice on the roof because the pigeons are eating it..I have never had that idea before of cooking left over rice..I was eating rice puffs then but I have no idea it was cooked just that simple..I admire you Spanish Pinay for staying being a Proud Pinoy even if you are there..kaloka napangiti mo ako..passing by gudnyt ;)

  10. Now I know what to do with all the rice that gets wasted in my house.

    Thanks my dear.

  11. Rice puffs! I've never had that before. That sounds fun to make and eat! Thank you for sharing the recipe. Have a great rest of the week.

  12. i love this post! however, i no longer use bilao before cooking rice, but i love RICE PUFFS, lol!

  13. Hi! thanks for your comments on my blog!

    i love rice puffs, always have them at home!

    un kiss

  14. That looks delicious... and I LOVE homemade peanut butter!
    Also wanted to let you know that I am giving you a Liebster Blog Award for up and coming bloggers! You've left me some very nice comments and I just wanted to help you out and get you more of the followers you deserve!
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    Have a great day!


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