Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Carnival Fiesta!

Warning:  This is going to be picture-heavy post.

Sunday had been nice to us and we were able to bring Little Spanish Pinay to the carnival fiesta in the afternoon right after she woke up from her nap.  It seemed like she knew our plans for today becuase she woke up a little bit earlier than the usual in the morning and then took her nap a little bit earlier in the afternoon too.  Just great for the schedule.  Thanks to my in-laws as well for joining us.  Below are some pictures from the activity. 

I tried to convince her that Mario doesn't bring a purse... but no avail.  She must carry a purse.

Ready to rock and roll upon arrival. 
In the car, she saw this wooden clown so she forgot about the purse. Good thing.

Mami is quite excited too.

Mesmerized by tons of people and tons of kids wearing costumes.  There was a family all dressed as The Smurf and the mommy and daddy smurf scared her.  She loves smurfs (she calls them fufos for pitufos - spanish for smurfs) but giant smurfs?? She wasn't quite ready for them.

Papi is always afraid to let her go on her own... look how he grabs her.

She loves to enter this tunnel.  There are 3 entrances.  She enters on one and then by the center, she can choose to go out between to exits and what we do is see what exit she'd take and then run for our life to go to that exit so she'd meet us there.  That game gets me my tongue out after a few repeats.

Coming out from the tunnel, she came upon this little boy.  She was like make way for me!

I had to remind her that she's going for Mario not spiderman.  Coz this pose? I believe that's for spiderman.

It has gotten a little bit chilly but it didn't stop her from enjoying.

We went inside to rest a little bit and she saw the "daycare" room.  It's not really a daycare but it's a place where parents can leave their kids under 6 yrs old for a couple of hours under a care of a professional care giver.  It's like a daycare where do also do activities but not quite daycare because it's just for a couple of hours.  So when she saw the room, she immediately want to go there.  Of course we let her while papi and mami take their little break.  Running after an almost 2-yr old is quite tiring.  Or I am getting old and not fit at all.  I think it's the latter.

It's been a tiring but fun day for all of us.  I was also quite surprised that LSP maintained her Mario hat.  I was already expecting that she'd remove it around 5mins max after I put it on her.  Mami was wrong.  I should have a better expectations on my child, shouldn't I? 

Happy carnival season, everyone!

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  1. I love your pics and the way you explain the activities, that makes me want to be there, it sounds really funny =) hugs

  2. I love the pcs and the way you describe the activities, it sounds funny and it makes me want to be there =P

  3. well I think I wrote the sae idea in two different ways jajaja

  4. It looks like you had an amazing Sunday!! You baby by the way is absolutely adorable!!! Soo cute! The Mario outfit was perfect!!!

  5. She is soooo cute!! And she looks happy.

  6. Awww what a fun family afternoon that was! Siguro nakatulong na medyo chilly kaya di nya tinanggal ang hat nya plus di magiging kumpleto ang Mario costume, right?
    Oh I remember my niece, she was afraid of anyone in costume - kahit kay Jollibee!
    Ang super cute ni LSP and full of energy. =)
    I love the family picture too!

  7. It looks like she had a great time and she looks so cute. I am super surprised about the hat! Most kids can't keep a bow on for 5 seconds.

  8. way to go on her outfit!! it looks so much fun.. one day I will visit spain.. one day.

  9. so cute! i like her costume. you had a blast!

  10. your little girl is getting big! and she looks super cute in that mario costume!

  11. super cute! kakatuwa si tala, iba talaga ang tuwa ng bata! pure happiness.

  12. Haha... Mario carrying a purse! That's priceless! LSP is braver than me, as I can never imagine myself going through those tunnels. She's the cutest Mario ever!

  13. Looks like you guys had fun :) Enjoyed reading through you blog! New follower here.

  14. lovely pix of LSP and her super Mario costume! :)
    Also, I like the idea of those tunnel, it makes kids explore what's inside and overcome their fear.. ^-^

  15. Your little girl looks so happy and enjoying her day. That smile is sure a winner. I love how the costume turned out. Very pretty :)


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