Friday, February 17, 2012

Carnival in Spain, DIY Mario custome and cuteness overload

It's carnaval (carnival) time here in Spain.  Carnival (El Carnaval (kar-na-vál)) is widely celebrated here in Spain. Carnival celebration marks the season entering Cuaresma. It normally starts around February, centering on the week before Ash Wednesday.

This is quite a big celebration for all especially the kids.  Kids go around the street in their costumes - much like the trick or treat in the US - minus the uhm, trick or treating duh.  There are also costume wearing and holiday celebration on schools and/or organizations. 

Last year, we didn't get LSP any costume because one, we believe she was still too young to actually enjoy it; two because I am too frugal and didn't want to spend money for a custome that she wouldn't enjoy wearing and three, I didn't have time for a DIY.  Lousy mom, I know.  She didn't get to wear anyting for last year's halloween either.  Though I must note that halloween is not really that big here yet.  Most of the kids look forward to the carnival season more than the halloween although many schools are starting the halloween tradition already.

Ok, so back to the present... we are in the carnival season now and we thought perhaps this time, LSP will be able to enjoy the fun of wearing something silly and cute and see other kids wear differnt costumes as well. 

On Feb 19, we thought maybe we can join the carnival celebration in the country club near where we live.  So we looked for a cute custome for LSP.  We saw a mario costume from one of the big toy stores here.  The price is 24 euros - too steep for a one time wear if you ask me.  I told hubby "That's silly! I'm not gonna spend 24 euros for something that I can make myself!  You'll see, I can do that!"  Immediately after saying that, I took my words back and said "Well, we still have time so, if I am not able to do one, then at least we already know where to buy".  I had to laugh at my arrogance and cowardice at the same time.

It took me a while to find the right fabric.  At the beginning, I thought I'd buy some blue and red fabric but I couldn't find time to go to fabric stores :( .  Feb 15 and I started panicking since the carnival party is just 4 days away.  I thought maybe I can find some used clothes that  I can snip and  turn into a Mario costume.  Good luck on that  - my inner self told me.

I found an old sweatshirt that hubby doesn't use anymore.  It's not the perfect "Mario" blue but I thought it will do.  Plus, it has a thick fabric - perfect for the cold weather.  Then with hubby's permission, I got one of his red (very) cheap tshirt as a candidate for Mario's long-sleeve shirt. 

I honestly didn't have any idea of what I was doing and how to do what I have in mind.  I tried to check for how-tos from the internet but I couldn't find any.  I also felt like I am wasting time looking for how-tos so I just proceeded on snipping the old sweatshirt, fitting the pieces on LSP's body parts then sew, sew in an almost mindless way.  Lo and behold, the pieces started making sense and I got this!
It can pass as Mario custome, can't it?

As much as I would like to post a how to, I can't.  I didn't bother to take pictures of each step I was doing because one, I was too much in a hurry; two, I wasn't really sure it will turn out good - worthy to be posted as how-to.  The yellow buttons are from an empty plastic jar of a chocolate powder.  That's my favorite part as I think that's pretty clever! :-D

The legs part are from the sweatshirt's sleeves so I didn't have to do much stitching on it.  I just tried to slim it down to LSP's leg size.  then the upper body part is just basically made from the body of the sweatshirt sewn into a tube-like shape.  then I just sew the legs and that tubular fabric together.  I cut two long strips of fabric, stiched the long sides and then attached it to the top body part. Very basic steps.

Also, the picture doesn't show how clumsy all the stiches are especially the long-sleeve shirt. It looks like a patched shirt! One of the leeves has 3 sections in it because hubby's red tshirt wasn't big enough for me to create the long sleeves in whole pieces.  But then again, it doesn't matter.  As I've told a friend of mine, it's a costume - it meant to be silly and funny.

But Mario custome wouldn't be complete without his famous cap... with this one, I got lucky and found an easy tutorial.  Here's how mine turned out:
Never mind the marks of the fabric glue please. I didn't think it will dry out like that.

Can this mario be any cuter?

p.s.  The just for fun snail-mail shinanigan is stil on! You can visit this entry.


  1. This is really nice !! I am sooo proud of you honey, our daughter couln't have a better mom : )
    She is really going to enjoy Carnival this year big time!

  2. Oh, LSP looks so adorable in her Mario costume! Good job! I wouldn't have been able to pull off something like that! :).

  3. No it can't!!!!! What a cute girl!!!!! It's amazing how has she grown up!!!!!

  4. Ang kyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut! Ganda ng pagkagawa mo ng costume nya ah!

  5. WOW! I am soooo impressed! I think it's better than anything you could have boguht in the store! besides it's stitched with L-O-V-E!!!!! Patsy from

  6. This is so adorable! I can't believe you made it! Great job.

  7. Awww! She is the cutest Mario EVER! Great job Momma ;D

  8. Tala is just the cutest! And natuwa ako na nasubaybayan ko ang development ng Mario costume nya =) Well done sis. I don't have the talent nor the patience to make one - ang talent ko lang ata ay ang paghanap ng pinakamurang costume available to buy (lousier mom!) =)
    Enjoy the carnaval hun =)

  9. Cuteness overload! It turned out fine and like Mario's costume. I'd good job!

  10. This is very cute and of course with that awesome smile, she's the cutest 'Mario' I've seen :) But it's true that carnival is such a great moment for kids in Latin America too, especially since school is out and it's summer. Well, can you say water balloon's the kids favorite part of summer. Hope you had fun at the Carnival.

  11. Cute!! :) Galing ha, I would have just gotten one from the store haha.

  12. Galing mo naman. very creative:)


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