Thursday, February 16, 2012

Parenting Boo Boo

All parents intend to do what is best for their children and that's a fact. Whatever decision made, the best intention is for sure behind it. But being parents, we are just human and we commit mistakes, we do parenting mishaps and sometimes we even forget we are parents.
That's what I like about watching Modern family - especially the part about Mitchel and Cam being first time parents. I may not agree with some of their decisions about parenting but I like the way their characters as parents are shown in a realistic way. I particularly like the scene from the episode "Run for You Wife" wherein Cam and Mitchel ran to the pedia when Mitchel accidentally hit Lily's head on the ceiling while they were dancing. The doctor told them that babies are designed to withstand new parents. I know that that was meant to be funny but I believe there is truth in it. Doesn't mean either that we can just do whatever with our babies "thinking they are sturdy" but just for us not to become too obsessed and worry about everything and anything.

Isn't Lily too cute? 
Reminds me of my own (many) dumb-dumb moments while taking care of our little one. I've wet her umbilical chord while bathing her realizing later on that that is not advisable, She almost fell from my arms one time when I fell asleep while nursing her, she almost touched a hot pot (the one from the rice cooker) while she was with me on a baby-sling while I prepare dinner (I yelled out of fear she had touched it and she got scared and cried), she accidentally slammed her lip on the center table while we were dancing because she immitated me slamming my head in the air, she fell from the sofa while I was changing her diaper... Etc, etc. Thankfully nothing of this accidents has really hurt her. Each time each of these incidents happened, the more I believe about guardian angels that protects babies.  Because falling from sofa on a hard-wood floor and she was only maybe 6 months and no bruises or anything? I don't know how else  to call that.

Anyways, one of the super hilarious episode from modern family is when Cam and Mitchel accidentally locked Lily inside the car. Cam ran around the parking lot in panic while Mitchel called some sort of car insurance and got them unlock the car via some signal sent remotely. Good thing the car was unlocked before a super-sized Rambo Cam smashed the car window with a garbage can. It was a super hilarious OH.MY.GOD situation. Super funny - not until it happens in real life.
In real life. In our lives.  It did happen.  One weekend, as every weekend, as we were about to go my in-law's house for lunch, it happened. In our garage.  I didn't realize LSP was holding the car key.  We were quite in a hurry so everything was snappy.  Open the car door, put the things inside the car, take LSP and fasten her on her car seat and close her car door.  The moment I closed the car door, we heard a very familiar click and hubby and I exchanged scared looks.   Hubby just blurted out in his low but worried voice ...what have you done....  and I was like "I didn't know she has the car key!" in a nervous voice.
I looked at LSP and she was looking at us, car key on her two hands.  Hubby and I froze for 2 seconds... then we started to talk and gesture to LSP to press the button in the car key.  She thought we were playing with her and she smiled soooo sweetly totally oblivious with what's going on. Ahhh innocence is such a bliss.  That sweet, sweet smile will forever be stored in my memory.  She started waving the car key out of excitement with "the game" she's playing with mami and papi.  Hubby and I panicked that she'd drop the key.  I tried to dance and sing.  Why? I don't know.  Then I told her to press the button pointing to the car key.  I don't know how many times I told her that with a fake oversized smile and voice tone overyly high-pitched.  To our relief, she did it! She was able to press the right button!
Hubby and I were speecheless for a while but later on had a good laugh about it.  We don't have that sort of thing calling some sort of insurance and then will be sending us some sort of signal to unlock the car.... at least I don't know if we have it :-S AND we were in the garage of the building where we live... we don't even have a phone signal down there soooooo the only option we had that time was for one of us to go to my inlaw's as they have our extra car key.  But that may take 30mins at the minimum.  We were just sooo thankful for LSP's skill and love for pressing buttons and that she didn't let the car key fall inside the car.  That was God and the guardian angel He assigned for LSP.

And you think those that happen on TV only happen on TV.

This happened about 2 months ago and now is the only time I had the guts to blog about it.  I still couldn't believe it happened!  I can be really such a disaster I have to admit. 
What about you? Any parenting boo boo so far? :)
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  1. I don't have TV. I've never seen MF, but I have heard a lot about it.
    LSP locked in the car???? Been there. It's funny and scary at the same time. Well, the situation is scary,and our response is often funny, like you doing the dance.

    Glad you all lived to tell. I figure LSP will not even remember this year from now, but yes, I do know what you mean about storing the memory of that smile she had on her face forever.

    Ahh, the joys of parenting :)

  2. Thanks for making me feel I'm not the only one! :)

    Spanish Pinay

  3. Wow I can't believe she was able to press the button! How smart is she! I don't have any kids but I imagine if I did I would do a lot of stupid things. Haha

  4. I loved your post, I too love modern family and I do feel it points out the little corky mistake parents make but In a comedic way. What happened to you and your baby is was definitely scary but Its sure time to laugh at it. My younger sister locked her self in the car once. She was maybe two and mom sat her in her car seat and she locked all the doors and the keys were inside, she thought it was funny that we were freaking out lol but my mom was having a heart attack. These sort of things happen all the time, and all we can do from them is learn from them.
    The episode where Mitch and Cam lock lily in the car at Costco was bar far one of my favorite episodes!
    Love you blog!!!
    looking forward to reading your post!

  5. Believe me, it happens to the best and worst parents out there. Parents are not perfect and things happen. Luckily, your little one is smart, she picked up on your signal right away. That's awesome. Not so much when she's asking for the keys later when she's old enough to drive :( Yikes.

  6. You are very brave to share this happens to many of us, but not many talk about it!
    I've given you the Liebster Blog Award and the Kreativ Blogger Award:
    You deserve them!!!!

  7. Hey I like that show too and I did see that episode when they locked Lily inside the car. It's a great show because the parenting issues are real.. and the comedic spin is great :)

  8. Modern Family is such a great hit here too. You're right, it's very realistic. I had several boo boos myself like when Sam fell from the hospital bed, 3 feet from the floor (i forgot to return the bed side frame). Buti na lang may kasamang pillow when he fell. Somehow he was saved by his angel but it was such a terrifying experience.

  9. i can imagine the fright!

    and yeah... LSP has a guardian angel:-0

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