Thursday, March 22, 2012

5th, 6th and 7th Blog Awards

Vivian, the lovely lady behind Positive Parental Participation blog has given me not one but 2 blog awards!  Vivan is a great inspiration by many parents like me. Go ahead and read one of her articles and you'll easily get emerged on reading some more and more.  I love the way her parenting style is centered into positive disciplining and just showering children with love and more love.   Helping children develop Positive self-image is one of her missions and I definitely support that.

Another blogger that has expressed her appreciation is Angela of First Comes Baby.  She has given me the Liebster Award. 
Just like these blog awards, it helps each blogger to develop positive self-image by recieving postive appreciation by other bloggers. And  it doesn't stop there because it gets epidemic as each awardee gets to pay it forward! And that's exactly I am going to do now. I have a different list for each blog as this way, I can award them to more bloggers! But first, I gotta say something about myself which I find a little bit difficult.  I got stuck on this for quite a while. 

1.  My favorite city in the US is Chicago. I've worked there for 11 months in total and it has been really a nice experience.  I've gained precious friends for keeps in here and most especially, this is where I met the man that God has chosen and prepared for me.

2.  I've been living here in Spain for almost 6 yrs now and I still do not think that I have already mastered the language.  Sure, I can communicate well and express myself but many times, I still get frustrated especially when I get confused on the different verb conjugation.   I didn't go to a formal Spanish class except for the first level class (too basic) I had in the Philippines before I finally moved in here.  It did help - a super tiny bit!  I learned training one's ears on understanding the language is as important as learning the grammar rule. 

3.  I'm generally a shy person.  I am really bad handling compliments and attention.  But in front of really close friends and family, I am a big clown. I like to make them laugh and make fun of them :-D.  I love a good boisterous laugh.  I shriek and shake my eardrum away when I watch horror or suspense movies.  I shriek when I get really excited about anything.  I get emotional easily.  I cry easily.  It's easy to make me laugh.  But that doesn't mean I'm an easy girl ;-)  I like to think that I am really easy to get along well as I know well how to adapt with different situations and different people except with people who are snotty :-S

Whew... I think that's enough details about me.  Let's move on to actually passing on these awards to lovely ladies!

The Sunshine Award
 This award is given to bloggers who positively and creatively inspire other bloggers in the blogosphere.

4. Michi from Michi Photostory
6. Barbara from Spanish4Kiddos

The Kreativ Blogger Award
Given to bloggers whow are kreativ in their endeavors to be the best bloggers in the world of blogging
1. Anne from Green Eggs and Moms
2. Angela from First Comes Baby
3. Dianne from Dianne Creates
4. Anney from Blog ni Ako
5. Steph from Pendant's by Steph
6. Patsy from Heartworks

The Liebster Blog
This award is given to bloggers who has less than 200 followers so that others can help spread the word about blogs that they enjoy and help gain more followers.

1. Pepper from The Pepperrific Life
2. Joy from Joy's Notepad
3. Marge from Coffeehan
4. Monica from F.L.A.G
 6. Sey of 14th Street
8. Kim from Coffee with Kim

 The rules that comes with receiving this award is to talk something about yourself  - usually around 7 - 10 things about you.  Pass it on to other well deserving bloggers and then let them know that you have an award for them.  


  1. awww thank you lhot!!! since i'm still relatively new to this blogging thing, i'm really honored. you inspired me actually.
    and... i got a lump in my throat just reading through the three things you said about yourself. you're a lovely person and you are loved by me!

    1. now you made me miss you even more! you've been one of the nicestest (as in to the max yan) person to me. I will never forget how you have supported me and stood by me all these years (and still supporting :)) todo na tooooo! hehe love you too!

  2. congratulations on the award!

    1. Thanks, Kim! and thanks for dropping by. I hope to see you more of you here :)

  3. thank you for the sunshine award. hmmm..7-10 things, mukhang mapapaisip ako nito. hehe!

    1. haha medyo mahirap nga eh... but you can "cheat" like I did hehe 3 lang na list ko... pero the last one is chuck full of details naman so pwede naaaa ;-)

  4. Aww thank you deary!! :) You've been really supportive and I really REALLY really appreciate it! Cyber hugs to you!

    1. Moms have especial room in my heart kaya I try to give as much support as I can and I am greatful to other moms like you that supports other moms too! :) We all can use a little hand in everything - be it moral support or cyber support hehe. Cyber hugs back at ya!

  5. thank you so much for making me a participant on this award. since I am new in blog world, I am not quite sure how to do it.

    But, you are really a lovely person with a very nice personality and I am very happy to get to know you. Actually i began reading whom are following, coz I thought that since you followed them, they are very interesting people and worth to read blogs. In fact, through your blog, i gained followers too. Again, thank you!

  6. You more than deserve it, Joy! I am also thankful on that day the first time you have commented on my blog. It was one of the sweetest comments I got :) You are one beautiful person! Michi is lucky to have you a mom no matter how much the distance and time has been between the two of you :)

  7. Thanks for the award! My first ever, actually. :D

  8. I'm a shy person din kaya nga lagi ako naka shades pag nagpa picture! ahahaha! Thank you so much sa award! I've received that award before and posted on my blog. Add ko yung name mo dun. Thanks again!

    1. Ay naku, with your creativity, no wonder kung sampu-sampu na nagbigay sayo ng award na ito! :-)

  9. Aww, thank you so much for the award and mention. You're super awesome to pass it along to so many other wonderful bloggers. 'Muchas gracias, amiga' :)

  10. wow! such a long time since i last received a blog award! thanks!

  11. Wohooo, thank you so much. And this is the surprise. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Thanks for thinking of me.

    I wish to learn another language but maybe it's too late now. I think you'll master the language in no time. And we're same on #3. A clown to my family and close friends but shy to new acquaintances.

  12. Thank you very much for the award! I feel honored, to say the least :). mwah mwah mwah. Hope to meet you in person someday... (you, or George Clooney, whoever comes first!)

  13. Oh my did you ever make my day! You are such a blessing to me. It's amazing how God puts people in our lives, even half a world away :D

  14. Thank you for the creativity award!!! You are do sweet!!! Have a great rest of the week... And now to pass on the award! Big hugs!

  15. Thanks sis. You've become one of my closest friends in blogsphere and it makes my heart swell to receive an award from you.

    I love reading posts such as these coz I get to learn more about the author. Pareho pala tayong madaling maiyak! =)
    Ako naman hindi usually shy pero nung lumipat dito ay biglang naging shy. I don't know if it's because of the culture or dahil diko ma-carry ang British accent, hehe. Kaya ata mas at ease ako sa blog- dito ko nalalabas ang pagkamadaldal ko! =)

  16. Aw thanks so much lady! I'll be sure to post about this as soon as I can! Thanks again!
    Angela @


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