Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fun Food: Sneaky Veggie Part 2

Yesterday is another one of those many days where I couldn't think of anything to prepare for hubby's pack lunch for today.  I'd like to share this recipe I did that unexpectedly, was commended by both hubby and the little rascal in the house.

I also took the chance to sneak in carrots in the recipe.  Little Spanish Pinay eats some leafy vegetables but carrots is not one of her faves.  So, for picky eaters, this can be a good trick to get them eat some healthy veggies.

Without further ado, here's my winner recipe for yesterday.  The pictures from below is from a repeat performance I did today for lunch... you know what they say about one good turn deserving another one?

Fresh parsley chopped, garlic chopped and grated carrots.  The carrots is our secondary star ingredient.  It gives nice orangey color to the rice plus it's packed with vitamins and all other goodness like giving you that skin glow because carrots is rich in melanin!

Be careful not to grate your fingers... if your carrot is this small already, stop grating and just eat it, it's good for you! ;-)

Of course we need some rice.  It's our star ingredient.  This is a left over rice.  I sprinkle is with a little water and then mash it a bit with my hands (that's the secret!) so it's kinda loose.  I also added a little bit of iodized salt just to give it a little more taste.

We proceed on heating the olive oil in the pan... I used a little butter together with the olive oil to give it some more yummy taste but the butter can be omitted for the health conscious :)  Then sautee the garlic until you can already smell its goodness or until it starts to brown.

Then sautee the grated carrots and the green peas.  I forgot to mention the grean peas at the beginning but it's actually optional. 

After a few minutes, add the rice and mix until everything is beautifully even.

When you feel like the veggies are almost done, sprinkle the parsely in the most artistic way you can.

Let's see all that goodness up close and personal.  Yum? YUM!

We got some left over fish from last night so I placed it on top of the rice to heat it up.

The rice can be eaten as is or accompanied by your other favorite comfort food.

Try it it's good! :)


  1. This looks super amazing! I have to try it.

  2. it's like our bokeumbap here in seoul. other days, i make kim available alongside the rice so kiddos could make rice balls. easy to eat, yummy and healthy!

  3. This looks a lot like our Indian fried rice except that we use a lot of coriander leaves and onions as well :) The photos look delicious and I'm sure your hubby enjoyed it!

  4. Hi Sis, thanks for dropping by on my blog. I really appreciate that you shared your stories.

    I should agree that adding a little amount of water and smash it with the bare hands in the secret. I'm always doing it at home, the only difference is that I always use hotdogs and eggs. You gave me a great idea on adding veggies. I love carrots.

  5. like LSP, i'm not fond of carrots too.

  6. My daughter is a picky eater too, so grating carrots and adding them to dishes is a good idea. She's eating her veggies without her even knowing it. Aside from rice, maybe grated carrots can be made into an omelet?

    Oh, I hope LSP starts eating her veggies :)

  7. are now in my blog list at stage 2..

  8. yum..and healthy! I sneak in veggies whenever i can too..
    your husband is lucky to have that lunch!.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  9. Delish & healthy! Rice or fried rice is hit and miss with Poj. Mas gusto kasi nya ang bread. But I always put mixed veggies sa fried rice. I'll try grating them next time. Thanks sis =)

  10. Ang sarap ng itsura! Parang pang-restaurant!

  11. nice tip. Gumagawa din ako ng fried rice, but never used carrots. yes, I will try the recipe:)

  12. YUMMY!!!! I'm coming over! ;)

  13. looks like a paella..i miss the paella in spain..would surely try nit again..4 night more to go!

  14. What a great idea :) and it looks awesome. By the way, have you tried paella, yet? Oh, it was one of my favorite dishes when I was in Argentina.


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