Thursday, March 1, 2012

The one where she kept denying she did some serious business...

This is sort of a potty update.  I regre to say that I haven't been religious with our potty training.  She started getting used to sitting down on the toilet bowl or on potty but I really don't know well how to teach her to tell us when she needs to go.  What's been going on is that she got used to the routine every morning upon waking up to sit down on the toilet bowl and do her thing.  During the day,  I got used to reading her signs and would sit her on the potty whenever I see her showing these signs.

Lately, she has already learned to tell us when she needs to poo.  Almost always, she does this but not for peeing.  For some reason, she doesn't mind having this kind of accident.  Around 11 months, I let her go around the house without diaper so she'll get more aware of the feeling of peeing then getting wet or getting dirty.  So to this date, she doesn't have problem sitting down on the potty when we tell her to and she has the need to go.  She would also do this on her own from time to time... not most of the time though.

Having reflected on all these, I guess she's not doing so bad... but she can definitely still improve and by golly, I hope soon!

Anyways, funny thing the other day is that she had been soooo active and wouldn't want to take even a few seconds of her precious time playing and discovering to go and sit down on her potty.  One time she told me she need to poo so I sat her down but after a couple of minutes trying to concentrate, she decided she doesn't need this and want to continue playing.  So off she went.

At night, before dinner, she again told me she needs to poo so I sat her again on her potty and patiently "help" her concentrate.  After a good while, she decided again to stand up and play with her toy push cart and scatter her toys around the house instead of doing her needful business.  I don't like forcing anything to anyone so I let her be while I prepare dinner. 

Just before dinner is served, I heard hubby ask the little one if by any chance she pooed and didn't notice. LSP started yelling no-no-no-NO! In a quick defense.  Hubby asked her again if she was sure... or perhaps it was just gases because it sure smell like it.  LSP answered with the same defensive tone no-no-no-NO!

I was laughing on my own hearing hubby and LSP's conversation.

Mother's instinct said there's some monkey business going on so I put down the wooden spoon and went to see LSP and just by a quick look from a far, I already see something protruding her behind.  I chuckled.  I asked her if she want to sit down the potty or the toilet bowl.  As expected, I got a resounding no-no-no-NO! Then I said to come with me so we can clean her up.  She ran for her dear life.  I caught her and naturally, she tried to wiggle away from mami.  It suddenly occurred to me to tell her that if we don't clean her behind, ants will surely go up there and eat the nasty thing between her behind and her leggings. 

I know.  What a thought.  Sometimes a mother can get desperate and think and say things like this.  But this sure caught LSP's attention and kept her quiet with a thoughtful-look in her face and definitely made her cooperate and confess that she DID the serious business.

Why do we call it serious business by the way?  Because...

It's each one's business, y'all and when ya hafta do this, you gotta be serious!

I hope I didn't cause her trauma because of what  I told her about the ants?


  1. Ants? Haha!! And I know what you mean about getting desperate: all moms have experienced that - and most likely still do.

    Anyhoo, at 11 months you're child is okay if she doesn't potty train yet - or in your case, more specifically pee.

    I wrote about potty training readiness a while back (a concept I was unaware of when I trained my boy) so I'm sharing the link with you in case you want to go through it:

  2. So cute! Love the magazine picture! I got a kick out of that one!

  3. she'll get the hang of it :) I don't have any kids but I can only imagine. the picture of her in the potty is priceless! adorable!

  4. Priceless! I can imagine her saying no. no. no. I like the ant story!!! That would freak me out too, haha.

  5. very sweet! you are such a good mom:)

  6. Awww, sitting like a boss ang drama ni LSP!
    She's soooo cute. She'll get there sis =)
    I know you must have read a million articles about potty training but if you want another one, hehe - I wrote about the advice our health visitor gave me which worked for Poj on my blog which i posted in October =)
    Pakurot nga sa super cute na cheeks ni LSP!

  7. You are hilarious!
    And yes, sometimes mommies have to resort to saying the darndest things. :)
    Each child is unique...with their own time clock about development and maturity and readiness for stuff.
    I have three children and each was totally different about toilet training. My oldest son was about a year and a half when we started and took to potty training very well. His younger brother, on the other hand, resisted until past two and a half and would go and hide behind a door or under the table...he knew quite well what he was doing. My daughter came to me at 18 months and wanted a big bed like her brothers...I told that a big bed was only for people who didn't wear diapers. From that moment on, she always told us when she had to go to the bathroom and even woke herself up at night if she had to go. And yes, she did get a big girl bed...with a white canopy overhead. :)
    Good are doing wonderfully...and so is LSP.

  8. Good for you for not forcing the potty time on her because when she's ready, she's ready. And I love that's a 'Kodak' moment.

  9. she's so cute sitting in there hahaha... i didn't consciously potty train my second born... but my golly! it only took us a week of being diaper-free and he's one very quick boy... but of course, he has a Kuya to emulate:-)

  10. eeek, about the ants in the pants thing! but it worked, so why not use it! but the image... makes me want to go too! hahaha!!! the toilet picture cracks me up! :0

  11. So Cuuuute! She looks so mature going about her potty business :D


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