Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Settle down

There's a saying in Spain that is "En Martes, no te cases ni te embarques". In english, it means "On Tuesdays, don't get married nor get on board (the ship)". Well, today is Tuesday and no one's getting married (that I know of...) but Daisy has just got married(not on Tuesday) AND while she's on honeymoon, I'm guest posting on her blog!

So what else is more appropriate to talk about on my guest post for a girl that just got married? GETTING MARRIED!

Please go ahead (pretty please? :-D) and get on board Daisy's blog and read my article there and let me know what you think about settling down or getting married :)


  1. very nice article. It made me think also of the words settling down:)

  2. Fab post sis =)
    And I agree to everything you said! Very well written. xoxo

  3. "I married a man I more than deserve. A man God has chosen for me. He did. He clearly told me it must be him. My husband is more than what I asked for and when I married him? I didn't just settle. I accepted one of God's biggest blessing for me. The one He has prepared just for me."

    i love this lines...so sweet!

  4. hola! :D ive been dying to learn spanish! :D maybe we can converse basic spanish? :D i know like spanish 101 only haha

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  5. well said.. read the post. sometimes in different circumstances women settles because of their situation .. sometimes they work out and some don't.

  6. You did an amazing guest post, SP! I loved what you said about marriage. Daisy made a great choice when she picked you. :)

  7. Loved the post!! It was funny, smart, insightful and heart-felt :) When I get to my laptop, will share it to the worldwideweb. Great job SP!


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