Monday, April 23, 2012

Circus themed 2nd Birthday Party

Yep, two years... just like that.  My birthing experience is still very fresh in my mind... every second of it, I can still remember in detail but here we are, already on our 2nd year of being parents.  And we survived those two years! With flying colors if I may say ;-)

We had a very simple celebration last Saturday and it had been really fun.  We had a birthday merienda circus-themed party only with close family.  Sadly, 3 of my close friends weren't able to make it because of different personal reasons.  One of my friends had to fly back to her country of origin due to a family emergency.  My heart is bleeding for her but I know God will give her strength and her family will recover from this in His time.

Although partly broken hearted, we went ahead and celebrated Little Spanish Pinay's second birthday as everything was already planned and her godparents were only here for the weekend. 

As I've said, it was a simple celebration anyways.  Everyone had a very nice surprise when they were greeted with the birthday celebrant dressed as a clown.  Their reactions were priceless.  Each died of cuteness overload! We've also died of sugar overload from the sweets prepared by yours truly :-D 

I've tried to do everything on my own but time fought really hard against this poor trying-hard mami. With all the limitations, I just managed to do some party garlands and a poor birthday poster finished in 10 minutes!  If time hadn't been mean to me, I would have done so much more... like pinwheels, stars everywhere, baloons (can you believe we didn't have baloons!?) and flowers, flowers, flowers.  Those will have to wait another year, I guess :)

Let me share some photos of Little Spanish Pinay's special day celebration. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy looking at them over and over again. 

She's getting ready. 
She was her own clown on her own birthday ;-)

Great idea for clown shoes by my friend V. 
We really missed her and her daughter D!

All prepared to greet her guests

I tried to make a birthday poster but alas... in 10 minutes, I whipped this up... poor, poor thing.
It looked so small in the wall where it was hanged.  (See the background of the first picture) 

Can a clown get any cuter than this?

Just a simple effort I did to give some more circus-y party mood

The table full of sweets and some sandwiches

The cake pops!

Far from professional looking but hey, it's my first time to do these
and I am more than happy with the result :-D

The buttery sugar cookies ready to be served

The sandwiches! My hubby's obra maestra ;-)
The fillings are hmmm, hmmm, good!
Hubby and I couldn't get enough of them we even had them for dinner!

The crowd is singing happy birthday in 4 languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino and Engish)
and she was singing along :)

She blew her candle like a 2yr old should! ;-)

Ok, the cake.  It is supposed to be a circus tent... but it looked like Aladin's turban in a bloody state LOL.  I really had fun laughing at my own work after.  But I was really in too much of a hurry and that's all I could do with the limited time and resources I had. 

But with the birthday celebrant this cute?  The cake by her side looked cute just as well ;-) 

Apart from it's unpolished look... the cake was unbelievable moist and oh so chocolatey.
I had a little cake accident and I swear, I almost ruined the entire thing.  I was so lucky I was twittering with Kristeta and she helped me save the cake! Oh the power of cyber friends communication or whatever it is called ;-)

She missed her nap that day but she was still amazingly hyped and gleeful.

Even Roque has a gift for her!  She was really touched by the dog's gesture ;-)

I just had to include this.  They are totally cute! 
On the left is LSP's grandfather and on the right is her godfather she lovingly calls ninong :)
(ninong is godfather in my native language) 

The whole troop!

All in all, we all had a blast.  LSP was incredibly still with tons of energy after - even after around 12 midnight!  To think she didn't take her nap in the afternoon.  She must have been super energized with happiness and excitement for the gifts.  As for me? I was really glad that hubby and I were able to pull this off - inspite of little time for planning and preprataion.  The best of all is that LSP really enjoyed her party!

Happy 2nd birthday, our precious little star! Looking forward to many, many, many more birthday parties with you :)  We love you sooooo much!!

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  1. Qué bonitos los cakes pop! y el gesto del perrito *_* felicidades pequeña!

  2. oh so cute little clown you have there!
    everything is awesome!!!I wanna get one of those cake pops and borrow her clown costume!Cutesy indeed! Happy birthday again Little Spanish Pinay! :)

  3. Happy birthday to the cutest clown I've seen! You are such a darling! Mukhang ang sarap nga ng mga sandwiches! Nilakihan ko ang picture kasi nakita ko may nakasulat pero di ko mabasa. Yummy ng palaman!

  4. She is so cuteeeeee:) Very sweet clown indeed. I am so happy for her and everybody there. Nice celebration!

  5. Such a cutie! and I want those sugar pops. hehe.. =) Happy birthday LSP!

  6. Oh my goodness this is adorable! I love her theme!!! She looks so cute. Good job mom, you're so creative :)

    1. BTW, my little girl will turn 16 on Thursday. Do you think I can get her to dress up? LOL

      Little kids are so much more fun at birthdays than teens!

  7. everything looks and sounds wonderful!! and so fun. you are blessed.

  8. Excellent job sweet Mama. She is so adorable in her clown outfit!

  9. Hay. I wish birthday parties in the Philippines can be this simple! I actually wanted an intimate party for Kelly's first birthday in May. But, with my mother's nagging, we ended up with 100+ guests! Because of that, I was pressured to rent a nice resort, paid a restaurant to cater for us, and had a cake done for me.

    So much for a budget party! I wanted to do all the preparations myself- but with all the leis and grass skirts I have to finish, I really had to hire help.

    Happy birthday to your little girl!

  10. Awww isn't she the cutest clown ever! I wish ang handa namin pagmagparty are more finger food para may time din to be creative. Ang bilis ng oras diba kapag may handaan na pineprepare tapos parang ang daming daming gawin!

    No one can tell that this is your first time sis, well done. I am so glad that it all went well. Happy birthday LSP. Big hugs & lots of kisses from Tita & Poj xoxo

  11. the cutest clown i have ever seen. happy birthday little spanish pinay! :)

  12. congratulations on a very personalized birthday party for LSP, from the cakes to the decor. I'm sure every single detail was done with so much love :)

  13. AWESOME!!!! The party looks like a big hit with everyone. I love her dress up and wow, the food looks great! Those cake pops - wow, excellent! Mine did not turn out like that! I'll need to ask you for advice!

  14. Awwww LSP is so cute. No clown would be cuter and to be the clown on your own birthday is a blast. I would have died of cuteness overload too. I am glad you were able to save the cake. I love her pictures specially the one blowing the candles and the one with Dora behind her back. Her smile and laughter are genuine.

  15. Happy birthday, Little Spanish Pinay :)
    May your birthday always be filled with sunshine and smiles & laughter, love and cheer :D

  16. oh wow! i love how everything looks festive, the food especially the cake pops, really nice! plus i love your kid's costume, she looks so adorable! but where are the other kids?

  17. Oh, don't think for a minute that you could've done better, because from the looks of it, I'd say you did an excellent job! Really! Every little detail looks awesome and well thought of.

    Happy birthday to LSP.

  18. I love her outfit! Perfect for her. It's a lot of work throwing a kiddie party but all worth it.

    Happy Birtday Little Spanish Pinay!

  19. How cute!! Cutest clown on earth and my goodness, the cakes look so good :) Happy birthday to the (no-so) little anymore. Hugs to you!!!

  20. Oh no, am not sure what happened to my comment? :(

  21. Belated happy birthday to LSP! She's such a very game celebrant... her own cutey clown.

  22. First time to see a birthday celebrant wearing a clown costume and i think that's just so smart and unique idea. your little princess is adorable, what's her name? belated happy birthday to her.


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