Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fun Food: Sugar Cookies!

Because Little Spanish Pinay is turning 2,  I taught myself to learn to do these cute sugar cookies decorated with Royal Icing!

I do not have the recipe and the how-to this time becaue there are tons of resources in the internet out there that will be more helpful - complete with videos.

We'll have a circus themed merienda birthday party! That's where the designs from these cookies are inspired from. The elephant? I have to let the royal icing to dry completely and then with an edible marker, I'll try to draw some eyes perhaps.  The number 2? Because she's turning two! The star is just because... she's our star :) The candy and the swirl... what fun would circus be without candies and lollipops!  And finally the one that is a bit unrecognizable above? It's a clown haha.  I'll be drawing the face once the icing is completely dry.

I've also created some monkeys in the end but they are still getting dried and did not get to be included in the photo.  I didn't have brown coloring before but when I was trying to make a blue out of green and red coloring? The result was brown.  I totally forgot my lessons about mixing colors when I was in high school. 

update:  Here are the final monkies! Far from looking professional but they all look cute :)

I'll leave you guys with this link.  She is my ultimate teacher for making these sugar cookies :-D Special thanks to my dear friend Dianne for doing the research for me... I'm gonna have to go as next in my list is to do cake pops!

ta-tah for now!

p.s.  Sorry, I am not able to visit my favorite blogs... yours truly is a bit busy (and cramming) for the birthday party tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

p.p.s If you haven't, join my Copy-Kids giveaway especially if you have a picky-eater or if you know someone who has ;)


  1. YOur cakes are fantastic. I am sure the kids will love to eat those. Happy 2nd birthday to LSP and good luck with the celebration. I am sure it will be fun:)

  2. Oh Happy Birthday Little Spanish Pinay. Those cookies are marvelous. Enjoy the party for the little one and I hope you can share some photos of her.

  3. Oh my goodness these are great! Way to learn so fast. Can't wait to see the pictures of the party.

  4. you did these cookies?

    i remember you also posted about sewing your dress! and you also do other crafts!


  5. Lhot!!! I give you an A for this (as if I'm a pro hehehe)! These are really cute - and circus theme? Cuter! Happy Birthday to sweetie Tala! Hugs and Kisses from Tita Dianne and Tito Bobby!

  6. These are super-cute! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos...I know they will give other mothers some great ideas.

    Last October, my grandson had a Curious George theme for his third birthdays...there were monkeys all over the place. :) Kids really do love animals.

  7. Cool!!! I really love your blog sis! I can see the future Pinay- Mex in you! :) I love the elephants!! Can I have one?hehe....btw Feliz Cumpleanos Little Spanish Pinay!!!!! more too come...have a great circus merienda party!!! :)

  8. i believed you had a blast during that bday spain trip is over..i am back home now! i wish to stay longer pero wala nang budget..hehe..three weeks is enough..

  9. parang ayaw ko naman kainin yan, sayang yung design. =)

  10. happy birthday tala! I hope you had a great birthday weekend! :)

  11. happy birthday to your daughter!! and the cookies look fabulous!! and delicious. have fun!

  12. Wow! these look amazing! Ang galing mo naman =)
    Ang tamad ko sa ganyan and I don't have steady hands. Pero one day I might give it a go. Can't wait to hear about LSP's merienda party! =)

  13. you're one creative mom, great job!


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