Monday, April 30, 2012

Quest Post re Attachment Parenting

It's been a difficult week for all of us three mainly because we were sick.  This crazy weather has been really a pain in the bottom.  The day after Little Spanish Pinay's 2nd year birthday celebration, she got sick with colds and fever and then the next day, both hubby and I fell for the same virus.  Thankfully, the little one was able to recover fast... not hubby and I though.  It's been more than a week and hubby and I are still as bad (or worse) as the first day we got the colds.  So that explains the scarcity of my posts and blog visits.

But if you do miss me, I have a guest post on Anne's blogsite at Green Eggs and Mom's regarding Attachment Parenting.  It's currently getting interesting comments so if you'd like to join in, please hop on over to Anne's site.  While there, you can also browse around her other articles.  They are all very informative and give a lot of take-aways especially for moms.

I'll see you there!


  1. get well soon. weird din ang weather dito sa phil. may cold and cough din son ko, meron na rin si hubby and wag sana ko mahawa.

  2. Get well soon. ganyan talaga pag nakasakit. all you want to do is rest. Maybe that is what you rally need. complete rest.

  3. Feel better!! Little Bit was sick for his second birthday as well. Poor thing didn't even get to eat any of his birthday cake :(

  4. So very sorry everyone was sick at your home. :(
    Hope everyone recovers so very quickly!

    Your post on attached parenting was awesome...I just left a LOOOOONG comment on Anne's site...I hadn't been there before to really look around...she has a wonderful blog! I'd love you to do a guest post on my blog...the same type would be wonderful...or something different if you would like. Let me know. :) No pressure, no hurry...if you decide yes!

  5. Being sick for a whole week is rough for mamas. Hope you and your husband feel well soon...HUGS

    I'm on my way now to check out your guest post.

  6. Thanks for guest posting, dear. And I hope you all get well soon already :) Don't you just love all the comments people left? Woo hoo to you!!!

  7. Get well soon girl, also to hubby. :)

    visiting you again, after a long time. see you around... :)

  8. Hope you guys get well soon! Take lots of fluid. Kisses to the Little Spanish Pinay :)

  9. Lot's of that going around here too. It's the sudden changes in weather. Get well soon!

  10. AP is for everbody? Easy for you to say that, don't you think? Not all are so lucky to be perfect like you who can breastfeed and do everything for their child.

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