Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Rants and Raves and Rustlings of a Restless Mama

Excuse my total randomness.... sometimes I just have too many thoughts in my head that want to go out and be told but are not worthy of entire article.  So I thought might as well dump all of them in one article.

Yesterday I made my nails and put on clear coating.  My first after two-years, maybe
Magazines, I want more magazines... I need to roll them.  This is now becoming an addiction, I think I am starting to develop a twitch. 
I am getting kinda tired of how my blog looks... the color... the picture header... the layout... but no, I don't have time to edit so suck it up, Spanish Pinay!
 I am coming up with another small home-improvement project and it involves permanent markers! I wish I can start soon.  I'm kinda nervous.
Everytime I find a store-brand product 3x cheaper but as good (or even better) as the branded counterpart, I do a happy dance.
Our house?  Is such a mess everyday! Toys everywhere... Unmade bed until 5 in the afternoon... the bathroom.. oh the bathroom.. why can't it just bathe itself? Why?
I'm on my third hair day today.  Ya know what that means? Go ahead, make a guess.
I figured I'm a slow reader. One time I purposely timed myself while I read blogs... in a span of an hour, I have just visited 2 of my favorite blogs! So it's like I spent 30minutes on each blog.  Don't make your blogs too interesting, please? I want to be able to visit more blogs in an hour, for cyring out loud.
I've been sulking about the fact that our Little Spanish Pinay is going to the daycare this coming September but deep inside I know I am excited at the same time.  Proof? I've been looking for bento lunch boxes :-O  Paging Miss Anney... help me pick out LSP's first bento lunch boxes and the rightful accessories? I have zero idea what to buy :-D
Captcha? I am starting to really think there is something wrong with me or it just plain hates me.  I never, never seem to get it right the first time.  So it ticks me off coz I feel like it is robbing me some precious time to read and comment more on my fave blogs.  And as if, it has it's mind of its own, it toyed me even more by showing the word dinged l00ny one time.  I am not dinged loony, you little, evil captchas, you!!!
Yesteday while having a meeting over the phone, my boss asked me what support phone I was provided.  I said blackberry and he asked me how long has it been with me and promptly replied almost 2 years.  Then he told me Let's see what would it take to get you an iPhone.  I did a happy, happy dance while I tried to retain a relaxed voice over the phone.  Man, that was tough! It made me too happy although I know it's probably not gonna happen.  I can be shallow like that.
Goole said my page rank is now..... drum rolls.... TWO! Hip, hip, hooooray!
I rarely proof-read.  I seriously think I should everytime.  But that'll just eat time. So maybe no.
Today is the International Day of the Letter R! Notice that on my blog title?

Ok, that last thought says I should stop.


  1. Love, love, love this post!
    May I comment? :)
    1. I also do my own nails. Right now, I can only wish to go to the salon to have someone do it for me. Gusto na kasing sumabog ng ingrown ko :)
    2. I have heaps of magazines at my parents house. I still even have the very first issue of Candy magazine. Kung kapitbahay kita, dadalin ko nlng jan. HEhehe.
    3. Who has the time to update one's blog looks? :) If hindi lng ako nanghihinayang to pay for someone to do it, gagawin ko :)
    4. Go! Update us with your new project ha. Be careful. Like what you said, you'll be using permanent markers.
    5. If pwede nga lng ako magcartwheel, gagawin ko din. Iba tlaga ang happiness na nakakasave ka :D
    6. I'd like to say that I can relate kaso naawa ako kay hubby kasi pag nkikita niyang makalat ang bahay, naglilinis cya khit pagod na cya. Regarding nmn sa toys, ang agreement nmin with Akira, pag nakakalat, itatago. Ayun, halos wla na cyang toys. Lahat nakatago :P
    7. If you haven't taken a bath yet? ok lng cguro kasi malamig jan? Pero kung andito ka sa Pinas, twice or thrice ka maliligo. Kasi pati scalp mo, ramdam mo ang pawis :)
    8. Sis, baka nmn hindi slow reader ang right term. Baka nmn in that 30min, buong blog na niya ang binasa mo :) hihi. But seriously speaking, I'm still trying to find time to backread blogs that I find interesting. One of them is yours. No bola!
    9. Iba talaga si Anney :) Because of her and her sister, nainspire akong gumawa ng bento and magtake ng pictures of food :)
    10. Dinged loony? hehehe. evil captchas indeed.
    11. I bet you were smiling on the phone though and I'm sure your boss can't help but imagine your happy grin :D
    12. Congrats! Feeling ko, it'll take me years to even get a page rank of 100. hihihi
    13. There goes misspelled words. But ok lng, instead of wrong grammar no. Sa lagay na yan, hindi kpa nagpproof read ha.
    You almost got me on your last thought. Hahaha.
    Sorry nmn, sis, OA sa haba ang comment ko. Akala ko kasi blog ko. Hihihi. Ayan tuloy, wala nko masulat sa sarili kong blog.

    Have a great day ahead!

    1. And there goes my fave comment ever! :) haha talagang sinagot per bullet point! thank you naman sis for spending that much time :-D

      Nahulaan mo ang 7th hahaha! actually nde nmaan straight 3 days walang ligo-ligo... wala lang ligo talaga ang buhok para kung sakali makakuha ng time maligo, eh super bilis lang kasi hindi na magshampoo LOL. hay naku, kung anjan ako sa pinas, talagang no way for a 3rd day day kasi 1.super init ngaaaa 2. mas affordable makahanap ng kasambahay para tumulong sa gawaing bahay at magkaron ako ng time maligo haha at 3. kung wala man kasangbahay may mga kapatid at nanay naman na pwedeng magbantay sa chikiting :-D... so yan ang buhay overseas! walang liguan LOL

  2. You are hilarious! I can totally picture you doing your happy dance. I hope you get an I phone so you can get Instagram!! Holla!

    Really? R? Ravishing! LOL!

    1. I am praying for the iPhone! coz if my work won't provide one? I can't accord it ack! and once universe agreed on me? you will see me in Instagram! :-D

      haha ravising! reminds me of the wrestler (back in 80s) Ravising Rick Rude! LOL

  3. - I was thinking if I can make a bookshelf using the rolled magazines. Is that possible? on a crafty mood lately.

    -I am curious with the hair day

    -talking about bento makes me think of Anney. She's the real authority when it comes to bento, wish I could be one someday.

    - LSP' going to daycare? wow. Time really flies fast and kids grow fast as well.

    -I hate captcha but I have no problem typing them.

    -Think positive about the Iphone. I'll cross my fingers for you and say my prayers too.

    -Congrats for the page rank. Hoooray!

    - Glad you mentioned the "R" - LOL.

  4. I'm with you all the way when it comes to CAPTCHA's. The curse of the internet. I will try to make my blog more boring cause I know it's me you're spending so much time on...lol

    Happy Tuesday!

    1. hahaha Becky! you're right on the money! I hate your blog for making me spend so much time on it! :-P

  5. Hello sis! super smart ka talaga kasi kaya mong sabay sabay na mga thoughts! Or maliit lang ang brain ko kaya isa-isa lang ang kayang i-process!?! Kaya nga ba pinupuno ko na lang ng pics ang blog ko para di halatang kulang ako sa words! hehe

    I'm not very girly kaya I can't recall the last time I had nail varnish on. Pero well done sis! Here's to more pampering sessions =)
    Medyo na-addik ka na sa pag-roll ng magazines, sis. But the end product is amazing naman eh so go, go, go! We're all looking forward to your new projects.

    Ako din sis, super bored na with my blog. Kinapalan ko na nga mukha ko and asked someone to make me a new banner. Haha, anything, marevive lang sya... we'll see kung may mangyari, haha! But if you find a site that offers free fab templates, give me a holler!

    Ako din super happy whenever I see/grab a bargain! And I'm always on the lookout for them.

    At hindi ka nagiisa sa house issues. Kung pwede nga lang parang gusto kong magleave ng 3 days para maglinis lang ng walang tao dito para magmukhang bahay ulit itong bahay namin! good luck to us, sis!

    Goodluck to all of you re sa pagpasok sa school ni LSP. I know what you're going through so I can say that it will all be fine. Ang diff lang, for now they serve food sa nursery. Have fun and soon sa yo na ko manghihingi ng tips and suggestions!

    And being a big Apple fan, super excited me for you. Imagine we can now iMessage for free and even facetime! yay! And like Daisy said, instagram na rin. woot woot!!! Mas excited pako sayo sis, believe me, haha!

    Ayan super mega haba na nito! But I would like to say well done for the page rank TWO, well deserved!
    Lots of love xoxo mwah!

    1. sis! the super mega haba comment is always welcome :) I miss our tweets hehe parang buwan ang lumipas the last time we chatted on twitter eh no? LOL Sana nga ano, iprovide ako ng iPhone otherwise kasi can't afford ang lowla mo!

      I love colored nail varnish.. i love looking at them pero ewan ko ba hindi ako komportable hehe isang araw lang sira na pag may colored nail varnish ako hehe saka feeling kobigat ng mga daliri ko LOL... pero I do love to clean my nails tipong gamit ng pusher, nipper, yung pink na liquid (ano ba twag dun haha) etc. I always do this before pero ngayon mami na, hayyy once in a blue moon na lang... at wag na natin pagusapan ang kuko sa paa kasi yan naman once in a 3rd blue moon! LOL

    2. oo nga sis, miss ko na nga rin chat natin. di bale kapag may iPhone ka na (hello Manager, pakibilisan please) it'll be much easier!
      Ako walang alam sis sa paglinis, dati palagi ko sya pinapalinis sa Pinas pero dito poor nails, palagi na lang pudpod, And yes wag ng pagusapan ang toes... kaloka!

  6. How come moms have the same random thoughts most times? especially on the nail thing. haha! I'm glad you're doing the happy dance, nevertheless. And, yes, Anney is such an angel when it comes to baon fixes. I learned so much from her bento posts.

    1. dati I do my nail every 2 weeks! not really with nail varnish kasi hindi ako sanay pero ngayon super once in a blue moon na lang...my nails get nasty with all the cuticles and yun bang skins na kalat-kalat sa nails haha haangpanget! hehe si Anney ang master jedi of bento lunch box fixes! :)

  7. lol! I should do the same.
    anyway, my youngest is also going to the garderie this september, kinda excited for her--she's going to explore a world w/o Nanay. :(

  8. LOL! I love the way your mind works because mine is just the same. I wish we weren't an ocean apart. What good times we could have with talking about random things.


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