Monday, December 3, 2012

Hot Mami

Hot mess, that is!!
It's been really chaotic at home these days. Not that I am complaining as all three of us in our household  are all healthy and so much inlove with each other but things and schedules are all crazy and me, being a scattered-brain to start with, can't just keep up with this crazy, crazy phase in our family life.
As I was writing drafting this post, I was in the commissary office waiting for my name to be called. Don't worry, I didn't do anything bad! The only record I have in this country is that I was caught without a seat belt inside a moving car. Long story, but yeah, I am already an offense maker.
Anyhooooo, reason that I am here is that I need to get an affidavit of loss for my ID.  I lost it practically without knowing how and when.  I'm kind of in a hurry to get it replaced as we are in the middle of processing some important documents.
And hoo, hah! I just learned that I had no idea where my passport is. OUR passports! They are all in one pouch and the location of the said pouch has just decided to elude my memory.  After putting our house upside down, inside out, thank God I was finally able to find 'em.
Did I mention already that our house is in total jumble right now? Unshelved (yes, accept that as a word as I have no time to check the dictionary right now, mkay?) groceries are in the hallway and everywhere in the floor kitchen. Documents on top of every furniture. Unloaded dishwasher. A mountain of dirty dishes.  Unfolded clothes. Unmade beds. Gooey bathrooms. Toys everywhere (ok, that is forgivable). Bunny dusts on the floor, everywhere. Umm, that's it. I shall not continue describing the state of the house right now before I start to pick my eyebrows and eat 'em.
And oh! I can't count how many days hubby and I haven't eaten a decent lunch. We simply couldn't find time to cook and well, even sit down together and munch each other. I mean, munch something together.   
My day job? Not spared from all my hullabaloos... I did mistakes here and there that could have hurt my career if only my bossess do not know me. 
Ok, so my name was called in the commissary and proceeded inside the office to tell them my story.  I sat on the chair infront of the table where the officer is seated on the other side.  He asked me what is my business there and just before I could open my mouth, my stupid very hungry tummy made the most awful, embarrassing sound it ever made in my whole entire life.  I was hoping the officer didn't hear any of it but judging from his awkward facial expression, there was no denying that he didn't hear it.  My face was burning with embarrassment and with a sheepish smile, I just said "Uhm, I haven't had lunch, sorry".  And the rest of the 10 minutes was just me stammering in Spanish.
Good thing the officer new I am already married otherwise, he might have been thinking by now "Poor girl, she'll surely be single for the rest of her life".  Or perhaps he's thinking something like "poor husband...".
I couldn't even imagine if I would be able to survive the past week but I'm here, finishing this article so  I guess yes, I did survive last week.  I survived it with bruises and an ego resting on the floor but I survived.  Because mamas have no other option but to survive, right?
Tell me I'm not the only one who has days like this.


  1. It's the time of the year dearie when Moms make mess because of toxic schedule both at work and at home, demanding kids and tons of things on the checklist. Right now, our finances is a hot mess and I couldn't even sit down and make a note where the money is going. Hey, don't miss on munching each other, okay? That's very important. Haha!

  2. Wow, what a very busy life:) i thought I m he only one:)
    Anyway, nice hearing news from you:)

  3. You made me laugh with this post! Why is it that we often keep important documents in a safe place then forget that safe place after?? Lol. I can imagine you blushing when your tummy growled, haha

  4. Hahaha! You always crack me up! You are jot alone.

  5. Oh yes, we have all had days (or weeks) like that, Marilou! Thank you so much for sharing write so well...this was hilarious (but not to you at the moment it was happening, I'm sure).

    I hope the chaos has calmed down...have a beautiful holiday season...if you have the time, you can check out my new YouTube series: Show Me How Picture Books and Crafts for Kids...I talk about a parenting problem or children's challenge and then share a picture book that relates to the problem and then I do a simple craft project that parents would love to do with their kids: That is the link...or you can just go to YouTube and punch in: Show Me How Picture Books and Crafts for Kids.

  6. oh yes...we all do. that is what makes the good days even better. hang in there!

  7. Honestly, I wouldn't know how to handle it all the way you did. These pressures in life tend to bring out the superwoman in us, don't they? Take a step back now, and just relax- even for a few minutes :)

  8. Naku ako din minsan nalilimutan ko kung san ko nailagay ang isang bagay. Sa dami ng mga kung anik anik ko naglalabo labo na sila. hahaha!

  9. Here's the link to the post with your award, Marilou:
    Have a beautiful holiday season!

  10. We all have days- even weeks and months- like what you just experienced. In fact, I'm having the most chaotic two weeks of my life with all the preparations we're doing for the little man's birth (which is a week from now) and, at the same time, making sure Kelly isn't feeling left out. Add to that Christmas preparations. Which reminds me, I haven't put up the Christmas tree- nor have we bought presents!

  11. haha! we all do! but your story is so funny, I can't even stop laughing now. God bless you sis!

    BTW, does this mean you are coming home to PH?

  12. I agree with Mars, we all do! After all, that is what motherhood is all about! ;)


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