Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Swimming like Papi

Look mami! I'm swimming just like how papi does!
Those were her own words (translated in English)

Monday, May 28, 2012

DIY: Stair Risers...

... made of what else... rolled magazine papers! Didn't I say I am really starting to develop some twitch because of this addiction?  Well yes,  I couldn't stop rolling.  I'm on a roll, y'all! (pun and rhyme intended).

So I we a stair and it has open risers.  Stair risers are the backing on each step of the stairs.  It's been a while since I've been wanting to install backings on our stair risers but guess what I really don't want to spend a fortune hiring some professional carpenters to do the work because here in Spain, it can get ridiculously expensive.  One reason I want our stairs to have backings is that we kind of use the space under it as a storage and it seeing the mess through the open risers can really become an eyesore. 

Plus, I've read that this is against Feng Shui.  Not that I am a big follower but I think it doesn't hurt to consider Feng Shui's teachings when it comes to home arrangement so long as the suggestions are practical.  Feng Shui said that stairs with open risers on stairs lose flow and energy.  Stairs play an important role for the enery in a home to move from one floor to the other... so if a stair has open risers, chances are the rooms upstairs will lose flow and energy. 

Learning this gave me more urgency to do something about our stairs but still didn't give me the stomach to spend significant ka-chings for the home improvement. 

So what did I came up with? You guessed right.  The rolled magazine papers!  It is still a work in progress but I am already liking the result.  It's gonna be a long project so I didn't want to wait until it's done before I post something about it.  Twitch, remember? Addiction? Excited? All that!

Ok, so here's a picture of how it's moving along. 

First try.  I made the two squared rolled magazine papers and just let them sit in-between the steps so it can take better form.

The first step is done!

On to the second...

So that's where I'm currently at.  On the second riser! How many steps does our stairs has? I don't want to think about it... I might lose the will to go on LOL.

Seriously though, I think this will have an awesome output.  Not to mention that it'll cost me practically almost nothing.  The only materials that really has a cost on doin this are the glue and the paint.  The paint was bought for 5 euros (on sale!) way back January I think.  It was bought thinking it will have some use one day... now is the time ;-)

A blog-friend asked me the possibility (hello Sey!) of using rolled magazine papers for a book shelf... now that's a bigger and more challenging project! But I don't think it'll be impossible.  I just need to have an idea on how the pieces can be put together and make sure they'll not fall off :-D

What else can you possible think rolled magazine papers can be made into?  Let's see at what Amazon can give us as an idea...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Piercing baby's ears - Is it a mistake?

I had Little Spanish Pinay's ears pierced when she was 6month old.  There was really not much consideration on anything except that in my culture (as well as hubby's culture), this is quite normal for baby girls to have their ears pierced while they are still baby.  Some would even have it right before leaving the hospital.  Most wait until after the vaccine for tetanus has been completed - which is about 6 months.  And that is precisely our case.

I never knew though that there has been such a big controversy about piercing babies' ears (side by side with circumcision).

While I honestly admit that our reasons to "inflict" pain on our baby's ears are but frivolous, we have never ever thought it can be tagged as something inhumane.  We've viewed it much like vaccine shots... although not quite the same.  I felt her pain and I had tears in my eyes when we finished (much like everytime we go to health clinics to give her vaccine shots) but I felt like it was just one of those many things were my child will have to experience pain where mami can't do much and would just have to cry with her. 

When I read this article, I suddenly questioned what we have done.  I read through all the comments and read some more articles about ear piercing and many naturalists and advocates of children's rights are against piercing baby's ears.  One major argument (that really caught my attention) is that our baby's body is not our body.  We shouldn't decide on any body alterations for our baby because it is their right to decide on it when the time is right - that is, when they can already decide for themselves.  The age range varies so much depending on the parents (somehow I sense this as making decisions too for themselves instead of on their own but oh well)

I am an advocate of children's rights.   I believe in respecting a child like how we'd respect an adult.  That's one of the reasons I do not believe in spanking to discipline a child.  But if ear piercing is a disrespect of a child's right, why did my husband and I ever decided to do this on her?  This has really made me second-guess our decision.

Then I started reflecting on how my parents decided about piercing my ears when I was young.  I have no recollection of whatsoever how the piercing went.  Obviously, it was done when  I was still a baby.  Did I ever regret that my parents made this decision for me instead of me deciding on altering my own body?  No.  Would I prefer it to be done when I can already consent it myself? No.  I am a super cowardly person when it comes to needles and all that... so if my parents didn't pierce my ear when I was a baby, I would probably never pierce my own ears after.  I love earrings so if my parents handn't been "inhumane"  to me, I would definitely regret not having my ears pierced and being able to wear earrings.  The clip ons are not just as good as the real earrings, you know.  And so, I do thank my parents for deciding to pierce my ears when I was a baby.

I have one cousin that has never got her ears pierced.  Not because her parents believed that piercing their daughter's ears is disrespecting their daughter's body but because her parents just got too busy with life and has forgotten all about it.  When my cousin was old enough and wanted to have her ears pierced, she couldn't because she was too scared of it.  All her other older sisters have their ears pierced though.

But what if the child happened to not like earrings when they are old enough to know what they want and what they do not want?  One of the comments I read from other articles is that she hated he her mom for piercing her ears when she was a baby.  She never liked earrings and now her ear piercings would never close up even though she hasn't been wearing earrings for 20 years.  I feel sad for the mom.

And what if the reverse happened just like what happened to my cousin?  A daughter would also hate the parents just the same because they didn't decide for herself when she was young, when she'd have no recollection of the pain after?  Either way, looks like we parents have no choice but be hated by our kids.  Sad.

Would our daughter hate us in case she'd never like earrings when she grows up? I hope not.  Would she feel that we disrespected her body?  I certainly hope not.  I honestly believe she wouldn't hate us nor feel that we disrespected her... because she will see beyond the act.  She is being raised in a home with so much love for her and I don't believe that one possibly wrong decision from us would make her feel that we have disregarded her to be the person of her own, nor that we have disrespected her.  She would understand that we have done this with the best intention (frivolous it may seem) and not because we are hungry for power and decision making over our own child.  And most of all because she will be raised in an understanding and forgiving home.

Another strong argument against ear piercing is hygiene and the safety of it.  There is risk of the earlobe getting infected.  There is risk of the baby pulling the earrings (that is why most of the earrings used for babies are the ones that are really tiny and do not have the form of hoops).  But there is always some safety tips on doing these things. Obviously, we shouldn't be doing it on a place that is not accredited by the government health authorities.

In any case, the question now is that do I regret having this done on my daughter?  I really can't tell right now.  I honestly felt a pang of guilt when I read the mentioned article but after doing a lot of reflections,  it's really hard to tell whether I totally regret it or not.  Perhaps if we'd have another daughter, I would consider thinking about its pros and cons more thoroughly before I would decide on it together with my husband.  Somehow, I think that it's better not to be able to read opinions like this because it makes decisions making harder... but hey, getting informed is the best way for us to make a sound decision, too right?

If I realize in the end that I have done my daughter wrong by piercing her ears at a very tender age without her concent, would I beat myself up because of it? No.  I'm sure I'd be making mistakes along the road of parenting whether I like it or not.  And sulking about my mistakes and regarding myself as a bad parent will not make anything better.  I will have to learn to forgive myself and learn from it the best I can.

What about you? What is your stand about ear piercing? 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Rants and Raves and Rustlings of a Restless Mama

Excuse my total randomness.... sometimes I just have too many thoughts in my head that want to go out and be told but are not worthy of entire article.  So I thought might as well dump all of them in one article.

Yesterday I made my nails and put on clear coating.  My first after two-years, maybe
Magazines, I want more magazines... I need to roll them.  This is now becoming an addiction, I think I am starting to develop a twitch. 
I am getting kinda tired of how my blog looks... the color... the picture header... the layout... but no, I don't have time to edit so suck it up, Spanish Pinay!
 I am coming up with another small home-improvement project and it involves permanent markers! I wish I can start soon.  I'm kinda nervous.
Everytime I find a store-brand product 3x cheaper but as good (or even better) as the branded counterpart, I do a happy dance.
Our house?  Is such a mess everyday! Toys everywhere... Unmade bed until 5 in the afternoon... the bathroom.. oh the bathroom.. why can't it just bathe itself? Why?
I'm on my third hair day today.  Ya know what that means? Go ahead, make a guess.
I figured I'm a slow reader. One time I purposely timed myself while I read blogs... in a span of an hour, I have just visited 2 of my favorite blogs! So it's like I spent 30minutes on each blog.  Don't make your blogs too interesting, please? I want to be able to visit more blogs in an hour, for cyring out loud.
I've been sulking about the fact that our Little Spanish Pinay is going to the daycare this coming September but deep inside I know I am excited at the same time.  Proof? I've been looking for bento lunch boxes :-O  Paging Miss Anney... help me pick out LSP's first bento lunch boxes and the rightful accessories? I have zero idea what to buy :-D
Captcha? I am starting to really think there is something wrong with me or it just plain hates me.  I never, never seem to get it right the first time.  So it ticks me off coz I feel like it is robbing me some precious time to read and comment more on my fave blogs.  And as if, it has it's mind of its own, it toyed me even more by showing the word dinged l00ny one time.  I am not dinged loony, you little, evil captchas, you!!!
Yesteday while having a meeting over the phone, my boss asked me what support phone I was provided.  I said blackberry and he asked me how long has it been with me and promptly replied almost 2 years.  Then he told me Let's see what would it take to get you an iPhone.  I did a happy, happy dance while I tried to retain a relaxed voice over the phone.  Man, that was tough! It made me too happy although I know it's probably not gonna happen.  I can be shallow like that.
Goole said my page rank is now..... drum rolls.... TWO! Hip, hip, hooooray!
I rarely proof-read.  I seriously think I should everytime.  But that'll just eat time. So maybe no.
Today is the International Day of the Letter R! Notice that on my blog title?

Ok, that last thought says I should stop.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Next phase: Daycare?

So we have decided to send Little Spanish Pinay to daycare.  Not for her to learn how to socialize but because she's such an active, happy, eager to learn toddler.  My idea of homeschooling her for at least her 3rd yr is unfortunately really hard to do.  Honestly? I feel defeated that I simply can't do it all.  I've been trying but, the hard truth is?  I am not a supermom.  But I'm over that.  I've come to accept that there can be other people who can share and help her learn new things, explore, discover and just play around with and enjoy things with. 

So, with a bit of a heavy heart and a growing knot in my stomach, hubby and I started looking around for a good daycare.  We have visited 3 so far and the last one we have visited, has been my favorite. It did seem like it's LSP's favorite too.  She liked the place at once, moved around and played with the toys.  She talked to the director of the daycare with enthusiasm (she is usually shy at the beginning and wouldn't talk), she ran around the center, went up the slide, slid down her own, squeealed and yelled with excitement.

The daycare has a blog as well  where parents can see the activities the kids have been doing.  As I was reading the blog and looking at the picture, my stomach started getting knotty again and my throat, lumpy.  I'm such a wuss.  It's like all of a sudden my baby has become a real full-time grown child - and it feels like this has just happened overnight. I know I've been talking about LSP as a toddler, etc but because technically she's already a toddler ever since she entered 1 - it's just how toddlers are called when they enter one and start toddling.  BUT this time? it's like she's really developed her wings and would start to fly away from her nest and will just come back whenever.  Ok, it's not whenever, whenever coz she's coming back on schedule but you know what I mean.

She won't start till September coz that's the start of the school year here so I still have about 3 months to enjoy more time in a day with her.  I've already asked for a week's vacation on the first week of September so I can also adjust well but it seems like it is going to be a little bit complicated with work.  We'll see.  Maybe heaven will pity me and make my bosses agree on giving me a week vacation leave.  But I am not putting my hopes too high.

I just have too many what-ifs and worries (hello! what's new?).  I'm not really used to having her away from me for more than 2 hours in a day.  Whenever she feels uncomfortable, mami comes to the rescue with a hug, a kiss and the power of boobies.  She has never, ever taken her nap without nursing first.  How is she going to take her nap in the daycare?

I know, she's going to adjust and will enjoy her time with other kids playing and learning with her. 

Maybe she will adjust better than I would. 

Tell me I am over-dramatizing things?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The one where she wants me to be far from her

A couple of weeks ago (or maybe that's 3 weeks ago already), we have celebrated Little Spanish Pinay's second year birthday. It is only now, it sinked to me that my baby is not a baby anymore.  She's in her halfway towards leaving toddlerhood.  Although she's still afflicted with mamtis, she's showing interest on independence more and more. 

Yesterday, when we were in the park, she wanted to go to the slide alone.  While this is not the first time, it's quite different this time though.  She wanted us to be far away from the slide.

The picture above is how far she asked us to stay away from the slide.  She kept pushing us and telling us LSP sola! LSP sola! (LSP on her own! LSP on her own!).  If we ever move one step closer, she'd scream and would run towards us to push us even farther.  She was asking me, her mami whom she has been sooooo clingy with, to step back and just let her be.  I've my mouth agape.

While my heart was thumpity-thumping nervously watching her go up and down the slide, it swells with pride at the same time

Now, we are eyeing for her to join a daycare.  Originally, I wanted her to stay with me till about 3yrs old and just go straight to pre-school.  In a perfect world of mine even, I was imagining her to stay with me at home till about 7yrs then she'll go straight to grade school.  But with my full-time day job, I can't focus on her and spend more time with her. 

She's a child with big appetite for learning and discovering.  She has a huge reserve of energy that needs to be channeled to different activities otherwise it just gets wasted then she gets bored then she gets fuzzy.

I cannot say I am ready for this.  About 4 months ago,  out Little Spanish Pinay felt for the first time how is it to be in a daycare.  She entered the area, without looking back, followed the care giver everywhere she went, went to the explore the toys by herself, observed the different kids in the daycare, etc.  She didn't show any sign of anxiety - just pure curiosity.  She did have a serious face all through out though.  She was very attentive with everything around her.  She seemed to be ready for a real daycare.  But not me.  She's growing and I must too... so we'll see how the search for a daycare will be and how will I adapt to the new schedule.  This will mean I'd have to organize myself in the morning so my work and schedule may fit to the hours that she'll have to be in the daycare. 

We'll see, we'll see.  I hope everything works out well.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We Now Conjugate Verbs!

A little Spanish lesson, here we go:

Saber means to know in english.  In Spanish, verb conjugation is a bit more complicated than English as each subject has a different verb conjugation.  Let's see below:

Yo (I)  se (know)
Tu (You) sabes (know)
El/Ella (He/she/it) sabe (knows)
Nosotros (We) sabemos (know)
Ellos/Ellas (They) saben (know)
Vosotros/Vosotras (You-all) sabeis (know)

See what I mean? That's 6 (Spanish) vs 2 (English).  But wait, the complication doesn't just end there. The ver saber is an irregular verb because it doesn't completely follow the general rule for verb conjugation.  What general rule?  I won't discuss all the rule but only for the verbs that end in -er (e.g. comer) since this is the one that plays important rule in this particular story of ours :)

The verbs(regular) ending in -er are conjugated for each subject by changing the -er part to the following:

Yo como (I eat) - here the -er was taken and exchanged with o. i.e. comer =  comer  = com + o = como
Tu comes (You eat) - here the -er exchanged with -es. i.e. comer = comer = com + es = comes

get the gist? So we move along to the rest of the subjects:

El/Ella come (He/She/It eats) - er changed to e
Nosotros comemos (We eat) - er changed to emos
Ellos/Ellas comen (They) - er changed to en
Vosotros/Vosotras comeis (You-all) - er changed to

I tell you, verb conjugation is my weakness in Spanish.  So what do you do with the irregular verb? Memorize them! So, you just have to remember that saber for the subject  Yo (I) is se and that you should not apply the rule for the verb that ends in -er even if the verb saber ends with -er.  Capiche?

So yesterday, Little Spanish Pinay and I were playing dress up.  She was rummaging through her drawer, picking up things like socks, shirts, dress and telling me if I like each of it and if I say yes, she'd try to put it on me or just throw it up in the air. Yes, the room ended up like a jungle after.

She saw one of her clown socks I made for her past 2nd year birthday celebration and asked me if I like it.  I answered with a resounding YES! but then this time she said she wants to put it on her foot.  She told me to put it on her.  I told her she should put it on herself because she can.  The conversation goes like this:

Mami: Ikaw na magsuot, kaya mo yan.  Ponlo tu, que ya sabes. (Put it on by yourself, you already know how to.)

LSP:  nooooo! mami!

Mami: Sige na anak, kaya mo yan.  Venga, ponlo tu que ya sabes. (Come on, put it on by yourself as you already know how to)

LSP: noooooo! no sabo!

Mami: *blank face* (after a few seconds) *eyes wide, mouth open* (after another couple of seconds) *shrieks with excitement*

Ok, before spanish philologists out there would condemn me, I KNOW that sabo is incorrect. But what actually excites me is the fact that our LSP has just shown that she conjugated a verb deliberately!

She does say No lo se (I don't know it) or simply no se (I don't know) but because surely she has heard someone said it this way.  At this point, we can say that she has learned her verbs by just repeating what other people around her say.  BUT yesterday, she has clearly shown that her mind tried to consciously conjugate the verb based on the pattern that her mind is learning (see the rule above on the verb comer)

Of course I had to correct her because the right verb would be se and not sabo.  But I was nonetheless ecstatic about it.  It's just sooo amazing and sometimes mind-boggling how a mind of a child develops and much more if the development thrives right before your very eyes.

.... the joy of parenthood :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY: Pistachio Shells Wall Art

So one day, I was happily munching on my pistachios.  They are one of my many simple pleasures.  I started looking at the pistachio shells and thought it's such a same that they end up on garbage pit.  I thought they look pretty, sturdy, uniform so there must be something that can be done to re-use them. I thought of consulting the internet - perhaps other people have such great idea about how to recycle pistachio shells and surely, the internet didn't disappoint me.  It's just amazing how much info one can find from the internet.

I browsed on different ideas until one clicked for me.  This girl makes flower brooches out of pistachio shells and they are just lovely.  I was so sure I can do it... but I have a bigger idea. Literally.  Instead of making flower brooch, I made a big flower wall art.  Our entrance hall has been bare from the beginning we moved in our house up until now for reasons like 1 - not having an idea how I'd want it to look like 2 - no desire on spending significant ka-chings and 3 - lack of time.

Lately though, I've been obsessing on doing small projects in our house for organization and decoration and this is one of them!  So let's move on to the presentation because if I don't stop talking er, writing now, I will never stop, ever. I am a very, very wordy person.

Pistachio shells painted in red, red wine.

Pistachio shells painted yellow mustard

One on top of the other

Full view of the pistachio wall art together

Our entrance hall is still a work-in-progress.  This mama loves anything handmade, thrifty, unique and pretty so I've been trying to incorporate some DIYs to really personalize our entrace hall.  These pistachio flower wall arts are perfect for this wall that yours truly painted :)

Showing some more details on our entrance hall.

A different angle.  Some details from right to left:
yellow and green vases - from a thrift store. They were like less than a euro each
book type picture frame in natural wood and green color - a souvenir we got from Dos Palmas back in 2004
White picture frame - gift from MIL
Lantern made of candle (leftmost) - craft from Kultura store in the Philippines

This is probably too girly for a house but I got an approval from hubby before I have installed them and I also got a wow so I guess, there's really nothing to worry :)
So there.  I am really liking how the entrance hall is turning into something we really like.  Paging Dianne:  I still have a space in our entrance hall for your DIY Chicago skyline framed art :-D

Now, let me bore you a little bit with my thought process while I do this craft: {I tried to sort out the not-so-pretty and not-so-perfect pistachio shells because what else, I'd like the end-result to look perfect. After all, it'll be hanged on the wall of our entrance hall. Then as I continued working...}

I told myself:

 "Poor unpretty pistachio shells. They have even failed this 'second chance' of being useful. Now, they have no use at all. Off to the garbage can!"

Then I answered myself:

 "That's not really fair isn't it?

To which, I answered back:

 "That's right. That is not fair. Just because something doesn't look perfect, doesn't mean they should be deprived of opportunities." Then the reflection continued. I Imagined children getting outcast by other children because they are not 'pretty'. I imagined my daughter not wanting to play with another child because the child is 'different'. How will I teach my child against prejudice? About equality? About giving the same chance to everybody? If I myself don't even know how to give the same chance to these not-so-pretty pistachio shells in front of me?

Then I heard myself telling me: "Ok. Enough gluing. You need some rest."

So I had to stop the gluing of these pistachio shells as they were starting to come alive in my mind.

I sat on the couch and ate some more pistachios.

Can you tell I am nutty?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Smallest Step on Paying It Forward

When I graduated college, the happiness and the relief I felt was indescribable.  The fear was also eminent.  Fear of not able to find a job at once and fear of failing my dream of changing our then-current economic situation.  But the good Lord is always faithful.  He has great plans that will be done in His own time, through His Will.
Back in my elementary days, I'd normally have trouble joining filed trips or other school activities because we didn't have anything to pay for the fees.  When I graduated in elementary, I was lucky enough to get a full-scholarship from a private sector that has dedicated their time on sponsoring certain students to be able to study on a good private catholic school.  It was one of the best private schools in our hometown.  It was my biggest first step towards reaching my goal.  It has opened opportunities for me to be able to get a good education and enter a good college later on and soon after, land on a job that's given me good experience and training ground and most of all, helped my family and change a little something in our lives.

I swore that my siblings won't undergo the same difficulties I faced when I was studying.  I didn't want them to worry about whether they'll be able to buy books or not.  I also wanted them to get good education and complete their chosen career path... by God's grace this has been getting fulfilled.  2 more left in college... 3 more years, God-willing.

When I try to think back, it's still hard for me to believe that my goal is really turning into a reality. 3 more years and all my siblings will finish college. I always remember the good man behind the private organization that has given me a full-scholarship to study in an all-girls catholic school.  He believed in me.  Without him, it's hard to imagine myself being where I am now.  And so, everytime I remember him, I always tell myself, one day I will be able to pay forward whatever he has done for me.  I dream of being able to sponsor a child from the same elementary school I studied.  I know first hand that there are many poor students there that would even go to school on rugged, overused slippers because they don't have anything to buy shoes.  But unfortunately, at this point in my life, this is not yet doable.  With 2 siblings still in college and cost of living in the Philippines soaring like a sky-rocket, it's just not happening at the moment.  But with God's grace, one day, it will.

In the meantime, in my own minute way, I'd like to be able to help this Filipino couple get as much support as they can on their mission... mission to help young poor girls in the Philippines build their future by taking them under their wings and giving them chance to get the education they need.  Much similar to the great man behind the chance I got of getting good education. This couple's mission is noble and totally selfless on their part.  Their hearts swell with compassion and kindness and commitment to help.  I invite you all to please visit Monica's blog and read their story.

They do accept cash donations via paypal.  They have a donate button right there in Monica's blogsite so if you feel like being generous a little bit, any amount can go a loooong way.  Books, slightly used shoes and clothes for girls ages 5-12 are also accepted.  Monica will also start a project on selling used and donated woman's shoes and purses. We'll have to stay tuned to this.

I really would love for this couple to be able to get all the support they need to continue helping these girls. So I'd like to appeal to all those generous hearts out there... please visit Monica's blog and F.L.A.G's website for more information.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Behind the Scenes of Terrible Two

I wrote about us officially going through the terrible-two phase about three months ago.  When parents would say Oh, we are on the terrible phase now - the normal reaction is an empathetic with a sorry-feeling "uffff, let's hope she'll go past that soon..."
Terrible two phase has such a negative conotation like it's a hurricane one need to be prepared for.  The tantrums, the fits, the meltdowns are thought to be the protagonists of this phase but I'd say they are actually the antagonists.  These antagonists often overshadow the other milestones and wonderful changes in this phase.  When we normally here the phrase terrible-two, we hiss and grit our teeth and do the empathetic bending of head sideways followed by a non-verbal-poor-parents pout.

It seems that every emotion of a 2-yr old toddler is hightened to a ten-fold level - not only the anger and the frustrations but also the happiness, the excitement, the empathy, the sadness, the admiration, the surprise, the anticipation... every.single.emotion. And that is not exactly an unfortunate thing.

I, for one, have been wishing that this "terrible two" phase would be over soon... I was getting clouded by the frustrations and pressure of her meltdowns and for many parts, failed to see pass this behavior.  All I was seeing was her tantrums and meltdowns especially upon waking up from her naps and I just couldn't understand where are these coming from. I was feeling helpless and finding myself defeated.  I am really thankful that I have a husband who knows when to step in and help me see beyond what is just obvious.

At 2 yrs old (or maybe a little earlier), children are discovering tons of great new abilities, interests and a whole new exciting stimulants around them.  This is what is exactly happening to our Little Spanish Pinay.  She's been learning new abilities and independence that most often than not, she doesn't know where to start and at the same time she feels like she can even do more when she's still limited with some of her physical abilities.  She wants to explore everything and do everything at the same time because y'all? These are all new and in the eyes of a 2-yr old, eager to absorb everything the world can teach her, she.must.try.everything.because.she.can.  So, imagine the frustration and disappointment if met with sudden limitations... can be too much for a 2-yr old to handle.

But on the other side of the coin, where her needs to discover, to explore and to express herself are met, it's a whole new world ala Jasmin and Aladin in their flying carpet.  Even for us parents.  Seeing her squeal and open her mouth in such awe and excitement upon arriving at her favorite park is beyond joy.  Receiving an unexpected hug and brute kiss from her (even if it means she'd step on my foot and head-butt on my nose) is a reward to keep for life.  When she tells different stories on her words with ultra cute and funny expressions, our hearts are filled with laughter filled with admiration.  These moments would then make me wish she'd be in this phase forever or she'd carry over this characteristics on to different phases of her development.

One time, she was eating her sandwich and suddenly she wrapped it around her dress smudging it with tuna and cheese. With my hand on my head, first in my brewing tempter was the dress! the stain! the work needed to remove the stain! As I tell her that this is not right to do, she defensively tried to tell me El tawiks tiene frio! (The sandwich is feeling cold!)  She was definitely playing one of her make-believes games.  She then told me that it's a baby tawiks (sandwish) and therefore it's cold.

I couldn't get mad with this 2-yr old just trying to explore on her imagination (tender andcompassionate if I may add).  The ruined dress? I can just exhale a big sigh.  I told her that the baby sandwich is now fine and prefers to be eaten by her because it will never feel cold inside her tummy.  It took her a few seconds to digest what I just said and told me no and a a lot of thumping and crying.  Yeah, I know another sigh.  I figured she's not hungry anymore so I took the sandwich and told her that the baby sandwich needs her mommy sandwich so we have to bring her to the mommy.  It took a bit while to convince her but in the end, she agreed. I gave her her doll so she can continue to play-mommy.  This hasn´t been the first time this happened and by the looks of it, it wouldn't be the last.  Yesterday, she wrapped a lollipop with her trench coat.... with the same story.

It wouldn't be easy and I am sure that there will be times(many) that I will lose my composure and just see the mess that's been made but knowing and understanding what's behind her different behaviors, it'll help me see passed the tantrums and the meltdowns and the messing around the house.  It's not that she misbehaves rather, she's just a 2-yr old filled with life and emotions and hunger to learn and explore her environments, her abilities and her own limitations. And my role? Participate and help foment his development through discovering, experimenting and playing.
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