Friday, June 29, 2012

Beach, finally.

It's almost the last week of hubby and yours truly's split vacation (split because he got the 2nd and 3rd week of June while I work and I got the last week of June while he's back at work).  It's been going well except that I am starting to feel the wrath of doing everything at home.  Tired is understatement.  But I am unbelievably content.  I'm like whoa, I'm really doing all this and I'm getting by.  I even got to iron clothes after more than 2yrs!  Of course, I can't miss out on saying that hubby has been a great help especially when it comes to occupying himself with our Little Spanish Pinay while I work myself around the house.

What I learned though is not to get over obsessed with the house getting spic 'n span.  The floor doesn't have to be washed too frequently for instance.  Everyday dry mop goes a long way.  And when something just can't be done?  Then it can't be done.  No sweat.  So last weekend, instead finishing what has to be done at home (i.e. organize!) we decided to just drop everything off and enjoy THE BEACH! Yes, people! Finally we got to set our foot on the beach and actually play with the water.  What's best is that the little person enjoyed it so much.  Having the cleanest most organized house is nothing compared to seeing her have the time of her life so, I gave a cold shoulder to the household chores and packed our bag!
So thank you good weather, you gave us the chance to relax and enjoy the sun and the sand. Might I just ask, where have you been all this time?

Now, let's enjoy the photos below!
Plain happy with the water and the sand

mami joins the fun too

giddy with the little well dug by mami and papi

busy with her construction... yeah, that's Abuelo's (grandfather's) cap.  Obviously, mami forgot to bring one for her.

She does look like a boy but still overloaded with cuteness, ayt?
Watch out! Sand falling!

her sad little face after mom threw a big bulk of sand and the water splashed all over her.
She was trying to swim but the sea grass icks her! LOL
Running after papi so she can throw water on him
Hoping for another weekend of sun, sand and sea!  I hope y'all enjoy your weeked too!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daycare. First day!

This is it.  She has formally launched herself in the world of daycare.  Today was her first day to spend 2 hours with the other kids in the daycare.  I was really nervous last night about this (and watching Spain vs. Portugal soccer match didn't really help... but ahhh we won! ahh! ahh! we won!).  Things went quite well except that Mr. Rain decided to peek and say hi.  At the exact moment that we went out the house.  So yes, Mr. Rain, very funny.

She was really cool about it when I told her (just when she woke up) that today, we'll be going to the daycare.  She was just like, yes!  Then I let her watch her favorite cartoon show while I gave her breakfast.  About 20 mins before our time to go, I told her that we are leaving soon.  Her response was "Solo Gomby, vale? Un momento.  Gomby solo. Entonces a la guarderia" that translates literally to "Just Gomby, ok? One moment.  Gomby only.  And then to the daycare".  Where did she learn to negotiate like that???

She didn't get to finish the whole show because we need to go. It was quarter to 10 already. I turned off the tv, prepared myself for a battle, but surprisingly she didn't say anything.  I asked her if she's ready and she said yes.  So off we went.  And Mr. Rain as well.  Good thing  Mr. Rain was quite subtle so we reached the daycare without really getting us too wet.

And then, we called papi just before we entered.  Little Spanish Pinay told papi that we are about to enter the daycare and that she misses him and she loves him to bits.  When I took the phone, dear papi sounded really moved and seemed to be having a hard time containing the tears.  I wanted to tease him but decided not to.  We'll be late ;-)

Finally we entered, I took her off the stroller and she suddenly smiled enthusiastically.  I was calmed.  Then one carer approached us, said hi and then asked LSP if she wants to play with the other kids.  LSP just nodded slightly with her super, serious face.  Yello flag. I was starting to tell myself, be ready, mami.  After a few words with the carer, my big girl gave me a kiss and then off they went inside.  Something was pinching my stomach inside.   My heart was like a drum and bugle.  It's making a loud thumpity thump but at the same time making the sweet tinkety tink music.

There goes my big girl saying see you later, mami! 
 Look at the other kids welcoming her!
When she turned her back, it was my sign to step back, suck up my tears and take a deep breath. 
And smile.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brain Dump

It's wednesday and I actually ran out of the scheduled worldless wednesday posts!  I am in a too-busy-to-write-a-decent-post-but-still-want-to-write-to-help-me-kind-of-breathe-a-little-bit state, so I'm just gonna have a brain dump kind of post today.  Excuse me for the randomness.

I'm actually on vacation the whole week this week but can hardly have time to sit down in front of my laptop without my butt itching to stand up again and do the gazilion things that have to be done around the house.  Not to mention a toddler who'd call me every single minute.  So I'd pop her in front of the tv to watch her favorite video even if it's just for a good 15minutes so I can do some things around the house.  Mommy confession alert!

So she is supposed to start her daycare on July first but I asked the daycare if she can start the adaptation period by today and good thing they didn't give me any problem.  Unfortunately, we had a rough night last night and we came home late from dinner with my inlaws.  The inlaws invited us for dinner because they prepared percebes!  And who can say no to these ugly but delish seafood?  Not us.  Not even Little Spanish Pinay.  She loves them!  She's like: mmmm que bueno es esto! with every bite.

Don't be fooled by the looks! They are totally delectable.  Galicia boasts of having the best percebes in the world and they can be quite expensive outside Galicia.  So there.  They are the main reason why we got home at 11:30pm last night and LSP having to sleep really late and not being able to go to daycare today.

And speaking of daycare.... it's going to be closed on August.  The.Whole.Freaking.Month.Of.August. Spain is normally a dead town country by this time of the month.  People go on vacation and of course, daycares too.  Obviously not me nor hubby has a month-long vacation left.  Not even 2 weeks so we obviously can't split the days like how we did for this month.  The mitigation? Pack our bags and spend the whole month at my inlaw's house.  They don't have an internet connection there but luckily, I got a mobile internet card that will definitely help.  I just hope the data plan will stand the whole month's worth of work.  The downside, hubby might spend some nights at our house instead with us at my inlaw's house... but we'll get by.  What's a few cold nights? :)

On a positive side, I've been enjoying my exclusive time with LSP although I've pulled my hair for quite many occasions.   She's really one too-active, smarty-pants, handful child!  I'd often find myself laughing out loud or bursting with aaaargh inside or having my heart melt with her antiques.

She's obsessed with putting lipsticks or make ups.
 So today's plan is for her to hopefully skip naptime - so she can sleep early for the night.  We are a family of night owls and that has got to be changed now that she's going to daycare and must wake up by 9am at the latest.   We are also hoping we can drop by the country club and spend time on the outside pool so we can at least take advantage of the good weather.  Not to mention LSP is a sucker when it comes to the pool.  So wish us luck for today's plan so LSP can sleep well and won't get cranky tomorrow for waking up earlier than her normal.

I'll end this post with some awesomely(awesomely IS a word depending on what dictionary is used, mm'kay?) cute pictures of LSP enjoying the water like there's no tomorrow :)

One leg up like you are inlove, that's how a lady should swim.

Do the proper breathing through the mouth like a real pro-swimmer if you want to float nicely

And lastly, enjoy the sun and water till your heart burst with pure toddler blissdom!

Excuse me for the scarce visits on your blogs too. Promise I'll catch up one day... soon I hope :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Diaper-less, yaya-less, bra-less

3 protagonists on this post: diaper, yaya and bra - er, the lack of them actually.  They're like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Let me start with the good.  Diaper-less.  We are diaper-less for the entire day! The only time Little Spanish Pinay wears diaper is at night.  A couple of weeks ago, I have embraced the fear of not putting on her diaper even when we are going out.  We've had a couple of accidents here and there but these past few days, we are accident-free the whole day.  There are even mornings that she'd wake up to a clean diaper.  She's starting to hold her pee during the night pretty well, ladies and gents!

So there goes the good part.

Yaya-less.  LSP's yaya left us.  She has found another job by the south of Spain and she was really happy about it.  I too am honestly happy for her and since hubby and I already planned for LSP to go to the daycare soon, this has saved us from giving her the "bad news" that we'll not need her service anymore... BUT not this soon.  She told me the news Monday of the past week and her last day would be Friday of the same week.  Hubby and I immediately had to revisit our plan.  We decided to ask the daycare if LSP can start by July instead of September.  The daycare gladly accommodated our request.  Now, the only problem was the last 3 weeks of June without yaya.  Hubby took a 2-week vacation so he can take care of LSP while I work and then I took the last week of June (plus 1st and 2nd of July) so I can take care of her while hubby goes back to work.

Not really that bad as I believe it's also a good timing. I've been getting worked up with how yaya's been a bit lazy around the house and was actually looking forward to becoming yaya-less but I've had dilemmas as I feel bad letting her go... knowing that it'll be (and it has been) difficult for her to find a job where we live.  This was his only source of income.  But fate fixed my dilemma and even gave a better opportunity for LSP's now-ex-yaya.

Bra-less.  With all the ruckus and changes going on, lately my head does not start to kick even until late afternoon.  One time, I forgot to put my bra on upon leaving the house.  I'm not used to going out the house without wearing my bra, ok?  Now, I know am not blessed (at all) in that area so they're not really an attention grabber but... I am quite blessed in the "tip of the iceberg" area so without my bra on, they are always looking like I am cold, if you get the drift.  When I realized I this, I felt so uncomfortable I started walking like I hunchback with my arms crossed like a mummy and eyeballs going from left to right.  But later on, I realized people could just care less. In a country where topless and nudists are quite a common scenarios in the beach,  seeing nipples behind a bra-less shirt is as normal as seeing a bus in the street.  So I straightened my back, relaxed my arms, put my chin up high and strut me self.  Man, that was liberating!   The ugly part in here is the part where I seem to be running around like a headless chicken lately... see, I barely have time for blogging not even to remember to put everything I need to put on befoer going out the house.  Anyhoo... what is going out bra-less compared to going out with chocolate in my crotch? 

ta-tah for now!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: It never gets done

After cleaning the living room, I proceeded to the messier kitchen... A few minutes after, I went back to the living room to take a peak on what the Little Spanish Pinay is busy with.... I'm back to zero.
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