Monday, January 14, 2013

Late Greetings and Chritmas Post

First of all, I hope everyone had a super merry Christmas and big bang new year celebration!
After 10 years,  I am finally able to sneak in and post something here on my abandoned blog.  Need I elaborate more on how tough it is to balance time between taking care of a high-spirited 2.75 toddler, a full-time day job, being a wife to a doting husband and being a homemaker?  I didn't think so :)
We celebrated Christmas with the family here in Spain - unlike Christmas of 2011 where we were able to go home to my motherland and had the chance to celebrate Christmas like there's no tomorrow.
Christmas celebration here in Spain is nothing like how it is celebrated in the Philippines.  Christmas in the Philippines is GRAND! The Christmas spirit starts to tickle everyone's heart by the start of September and goes on until a couple more weeks after new year.
We still get to enjoy the Christmas here especially that this is the time that Little Spanish Pinay gets to understand a little bit more of about the Christmas concept.  She enjoyed the gift-giving (more on gift-receiving on her side) of course.  She has also started understanding about Santa Claus and she did wait for his arrival with much anticipation.  We  had our noche buena (dinner on 24th) at my sister-in-law's in-laws together with my in-laws.  That's right, in-laws are typed 3 times.  4 actually.
The poor little girl slept at about 2 am.  We did prepare Santa's milk and cookies before she went to bed but sharing is not yet one of her established values as she only wanted to put ONE cookie for Santa... she even chose the cookie she likes the least.  At least we were able to convince her to add another one more cookies as Santa might be very hungry when he arrives. You gotta laugh at this little mischief.  Note: Sharing is important for us but we don't force it.

So the following day, she was all giddy when we finally told her that today is the day! We have to check if Santa came and left something for her.
She was definitely happy with Santa's gifts. I'm glad we didn't go overboard with the gifts.  After all, there's still Three Kings where kids (and kids-alike) receive more gifts.
After gift opening and a good lot of time to play, we headed over to my in-laws to have lunch with them.  Overall, Christmas celebration here in Spain is quite simple but quite significant, nonetheless.  It was well spent with the love ones.  And thanks to technology, we are also somehow able to celebrate Christmas with the family oceans away through video calls.


  1. In this respect I sort of envy LSP because she will remember her childhood with fondness because you made her believe in Santa. In our family, I didn't even learn anything about Santa until I heard about it from my classmates in grade school.

    I haven't spent Christmas in other country yet but most OFW say that the celebration here is fantabulous. Still, it looked like you and your family had a good celebration there. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you sis!

    1. Marj, me too I didn't get to experience the Santa fever when I was young. I am not really one that would like to instill the thought of Santa to our little one but hubby has had a wonderful childhood memories of Santa so he wanted LSP to experience it as well. I personally think that it's unnecessary.. I dunno maybe I have a slight grinch in my blood? haha. Kidding aside, I just can't understand why parents would have to make kids believe that Santa's the one giving gifts to them and then later on, would break their heart when children discover that Santa is actually their parents... oh well :)

    2. haha. I can so relate to this, my aunt did her best on making us believe that Santa leave the presents on our Christmas socks that we hanged, but then as a child, I secretly spying on whether mother, aunt, or cousins actually bought those gifts that we received.

  2. Nice hearing updates from you! Happy new year. Your daughter is getting sweeter and sweeter!

  3. oh my! LSP is so cute in that last photo. her expression is priceless! Glad to hear from you again sis :)

  4. Hey! Hey! Hey! Look who's back?! Glad to hear from you, Lhou! Belated Merry Christmas. Have a blessed year ahead!

  5. That's one happy LSP there! Belated Merry Christmas! :)

  6. I guess it hardly matters where in the world you spend Christmas, as long as you spend it with the ones you love :). LSP is growing up so fast.


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