Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mami solution: If the shirt is too tight fit, rip it.

Before anything else, I'd like to emphasize that this is not a fashion blog nor I am trying to convert this to one.  But I'm making this entry for sale and thrift lovers like me because one, I felt so clever (let me be conceited just this once, mmkay?) getting a good result and two, I might be able to give some ideas to others who, like me, bought something so cheap and then didn't fit.
 So here is the subject matter:
I bought this shirt from Zara for almost 3 euros ONLY.  I fell in love with the ruffled sleeve and with that price, I didn't even check if it will fit me.  Size is médium so I thought it should fit perfectly.
But when I got home and tried it on, it was too fit and I didn't feel comfortable about it showing off my curves, you know what I mean? And this mami want's some comfy shirt without looking frumpy.  So I was a bit disheartened... I didn't want to return it as I do really love the effect of the ruffled sleeves on me and the sexy neckline without revealing much.
See? Nice Ruffled fitted sleeves, but I would have to tuck my tummy all the time and that means tough and less oxygen for my body!  In this picure I was holding my breath and I haven't even eaten lunch, heh. What is that you say? My mirror is yucky? That's some photo filter a la instagram! :-P
Going back...
So what did I do?  Here comes the clever-me part...
I ripped the sides off!
That feels a lot better.
But I will never go out the streets half naked like that! 
So I grabbed these lovelies. Cheapos.  60 cents from the Chinese store - equivalent of dollar store
And hand-stiched them on to the shirt's open sides.
I was really pleased with the result.
Do I get a standing ovation?
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