Monday, July 15, 2013

Tum, tum, tum

The Little Spanish Pinay has just completed her daycare days.  At the start of the school year, she'll be entering primary school.  It has been a great year at daycare with the little.  We are actually a little bit sad as she has already learned to love the daycare and her carers but excited at the same time as she will be entering a new phase in her educational development.
She has definitely learned a lot from her daycare most especially developed sweet relationship between her carers and with other children.
The song below is one of the songs shared in her daycare.  kids love the song and adults like me as well :)  It definitely is sweet and reminds me of how I fell in love with hubby and then again when we had Little Spanish Pinay.  In reality, my heart beats tum tum tum tu-tum tu-tum tum tum everyday as I am with the two most wonderful person in my life.
 No tempo que eu era só
At that time I was alone
E não tinha amor nenhum
And there was no love
Meu coração batia mansinho
My heart was beating softly
Tum tum tum
Tum tum tum
Depois veio você
And then you came
O meu amor número um
My number one love
E o meu coração pôs-se a bater
And my heart began to beat
Tum tum tum tum tum tum...
Tum tum tum tum tum tum.... 
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