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Parenting Blog Award: The Positive Parental Participation Blog Award

The Positive Parental
Participation Blog Award

Ages ago (yes, that's exaggeration), lovely Vivian has tagged me with this parenting award she herself has started.  I've had been given some blogging awards but this one is yet to be the most important and most appreciated one for me.  Vivian has started this award to give recognition to bloggers who, she believes exemplifies the tenants of Positive Parental Participation (words borrowed from her).
See, being a parent is for me, above any other role that I have right now.  I am really dedicated (sometimes obsessed) to be not just a good parent to our daughter but also one that is gentle and one that provides positive participation.  I deeply believe on positive and gentle disciplining and being really there, present and fully participating with her, whenever given the opportunity.
Of course, there's always a struggle.  At the time that Vivian has told me she got this award for me, I was in that moment when I was feeling insufficient as a parent, as a mom.  We were in that phase that meltdowns and tantrums and less sleep is very common at home and so I'd often find myself always on the edge and snapping every minute.

So when Vivian told me about the award, it nearly broke me into tears. It was just so timely.  I felt guilty at first as I thought I didn't deserve this but then I took it as a challenge... a gentle reminder of what I have told myself the kind of parent I want to be.

Again, I'd like to really thank Vivian for thinkking of me!  You always continue to serve as an inspiration to me.

I've been meaning to write about this post but couldn't find time as usual. But finally, I was able to do it :) and of course I'm going to pass this award along to other parents who I believe exemplifies the tenants of Positive Parental Participation.

Please feel free visit Vivan's article about it.  You can also continue to browse her other articles as you will surely pick a lot of things about activities, picture books and other things you can share with your children to have some quality bonding for positive parental participation :)

In reality, I have a very long list of bloggers to pass this award but I will start off with a short list as otherwise, I'd be making the longest blog entry of my life  :)  I do know that these wonderful bloggers below will be passing this award to other deserving mom/dad bloggers.

1. Kristeta of Kalokang Pinay sa Ukay -  She's one sweet mama and girl friend.  We haven't met in person but I do feel like I've known her personally for a long time now.  We do have so much in common in terms of parenting views and life situation in general.  I can almost see myself in her as a mother for her cute Jace... not to mention that Jace is also very similar to our Little Spanish Pinay. Jace is one lucky little fellow for having this uber sweet-thoughtful-baking-goddess mom.  It's always a pleasure to viber with her :)

2. Em of Akira and Everything Nice - She's my idol in breastfeeding. More than 3yrs now and still breastfeeding! If that is not one of the tenants of positive parental participation, then I don't know what it is :)  It always make me smile when she talks about her lovely daughter as it would always picture how she adores her and that she's all for her. 

3. Annmarie of Mom to 8 Blog - She's a mom to 8 children! All raised so well.  She has such a positive and simple outlook in life that is simply an inspiration to me.  Her entries are most of the time short, funny and full of good insight.  It's always a pleasure to read her articles.  My favorites are about her conversations with her children!

4.  Mamas TodoTerreno - Behind this blog are two equally dashing mamas, Rebecca and Ava. This is one of the few blogs in spanish that I regularly check and read.  I love how they both create a positive and loving environment for their children.  I love the activities and the crafts they both do with their children. Many times, I'd steal their ideas ;-)

5. Madi of Entre Apuntes y Pañales - Another one of the few spanish blogs I read. What can I say, this young and dedicated mom is all giving.  She has a toddler just like me and I can always relate with her experiences on the terrible two phase.  I love the way she handles this difficult situation gently.  And now that she has been gifted with another adorable baby girl, I really don't know how she's doing all what she's doing now.  She's doing it so wonderfully... a total pro ;-)  Oh, let's not forget that she's a babywearer!

6.  Faye of Fighting For Maia and Turning Dreams to Reality - I have just recently met this mom through her blogs and I was already captured by her story.  As she puts it: I am alive because I became a mom. And for that I will fight to live so Maia can have a mother.  Those are such beautiful words.  She's a survivor, a doting mama who would overcome anything and everything for her little one... even cancer.

 7. Pepper of Days In aWagon - This artsy mom is also a heartsy.  Her gentleness and love for her little A is pasted all over her blog.  Her little family is adorable and her positive parenting participation is evident with how her little A is growing to be a really nice, sweet and well rounded little girl.  They have such a sweet, sweet bond and I'm looking forward to having the same kind of bond with my own daughter as she grows.

I could add more on this list but I'll keep it short and let the award roll from one mom/dad to another.


  1. congratulations on your award! Your love and concern for your daughter are evident in all you do!!! You are a positive parent...looking out to make your daughter the best she can be.
    Thank you too for this award. I so appreciate support from moms!!

  2. Hello dear friend!
    What an amazing post...I am honored by your sweet words and glad the award was so meaningful to you.:)

    I will be speaking at the 2013 Asian Festival of Children's Content this May...perhaps one day I will have a conference opportunity in Spain and we will get to meet in person.:)

    Thank you for the 'short list'...I plan to visit all of these amazing mommy blogs.

  3. That is wonderful! Kudos to you for receiving it and I totally agree that you deserve it! You are a very positive, encouraging, loving, and patient mom! Way to go, Vivian for coming up with such a great award to pass around. How encouraging -- for moms to see that we are not alone in our thinking! :)
    Enjoy this award, you deserve it 100%! WooHoo!!!!

  4. Awww... Thank you thank you for this! It's not everyday Mama's receive recognition so this one really made my day =) Thank you for sharing this with me and I am very excited to pass it on to other amazing Mama's =)

  5. Thank you!! For reading us and for keeping us in mind. It's a honor.

  6. I am still in the phase of feeling insufficient as a mom, you're right those meltdown, tantrums, sleep deprivation are some of the reasons why we(parents) always find ourselves on the edge. But as time goes by I'm learning the art of motherhood. It's not all about happy memories, it's more on being selfless and sacrificing for your family.

    Your post made me feel that I'm not alone in this journey called... motherhood. :)

  7. Congrats on that recognition. I feel that I still have a lot to learn about being a parent...


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