Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wish me Luck!

How can time fly so fast like this?  For 9 months I have abandoned my blog.  Not purposely, no.  God, I’ve been missing writing.  But busy life happens and one just got to prioritize.  Does this article mean I’m back on blogging?  I sure hope so but one can never tell.  But yes, Spanish Pinay is re-taking the blogging journey, so hopefully it works out.  9 months of suppressing the thoughts, the kwentos (stories), the rants, the raves, the opinions, recipes and crafting to share and so many other things to share, is just too much to keep suppressing.   So I’m going to start letting them all out!  And just because I know this time, there’s just one more big reason to be back writing.

I am this excited!

Wish me luck! J


  1. Welcome back to the blogging scene Sis! Looking forward to your posts that I miss so :)

  2. Welcome back! Every now and then I visit your blog to check if there's a new post to read. I thought I'll never hear from you again. I miss your relate-able 'kwentos' and sinply looking forward for more craft projects...

  3. Hey! I hope everything's just fine. Take it easy! Ingat.

  4. Hi sis! I'm checking back again, I missed reading your kwentos. I just hope you'll be blogging more to share entertaining and informative thoughts and experiences...

  5. Same here! Life gets so busy. Don't you wonder how professional bloggers do it?! Ive been trying to get back at it too. Glad you're back :)


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