Sunday, May 15, 2011

One Lovely Award

I've started blogging a few years back but it wasn't something regular. It was actually hubby who created the account for me and encouraged me to start blogging. It wasn't open to public either, not that it was restricted from public viewing but I just never promoted it or even told my friends and family about it. Then when we got pregnant, I created a new blog and wanted to journal all my thoughts and feelings and journey about pregnancy so I became of a more regular blogger...then Little Spanish Pinay came and it became even more regular and I just felt I want to share to the world the wonderful feeling of being a mom, the great journey on breastfeeding and life in general and then hopefully, be able to help someone who would stumble upon my blog.

And I have been really enjoying blogging. Just being able to have an outlet to spill my thoughts with, and a portal where I can share anytime of the day my experiences and feelings to my family oceans away is already a great trade off.

But receiving an award from fellow bloggers? It's an extra treat for me!

I'd like to thank OHM for giving me this award.

Now with every reward, comes a responsibility - or was that with great power comes a great responsibility? Yeah, sure is. But this award does come with responsibility but a sweet one at that! The awardee has to say 7 things about himself/herself and pass the award to 7 bloggers.

So here I go:

1.  I am still breastfeeding my Little Spanish Pinay for almost 13 months now and I intend to continue as long as she would still want to be breastfed.  I believe in child-led weaning.
2. I co-sleep with our daughter... I should say we i.e., hubby and I, co-sleep with LSP.  Hubby is perfectly fine with that and even enjoys it as much as I do.
3. I wanted to have 5 children! But considering my age and our economic situation, I have lower down my target to 3 max and at least 2.
4. Just like OrangeHeroMom, I suck at gardening... not that we have a garden as we live in a condo type residence, but we do have a few plants at home and I've already killed a couple of them :( .  But unlikeOrangeHeroMom, I stopped from trying... I don't want to kill any more innocent plants.  So I left this task to my loving husband who seems to have a green thumb he got from his mom.  Why didn't I get my mom's green thumb? Why oh, why?
5. Happily married for 4 yrs now going for 5 yrs this year :)
6. I love junk food... :-S I love sweets and salty.  I am addicted to cheetos but cheetos here in Spain is nothing like the ones in US so I've been craving for one for such a long time now.  And I am trying to cut down from junk food as I want to be a good example to our LSP.
7. I am from a big family... 5 girls and 1 boy... we were supposed to be 10 if only my mom didn't have 4 miscarriages.  My mom loves babies! plus my father wanted to have a baby boy so they kept trying until finally our kuya (big brother in Filipino) was given to us.

So there! It was tougher than I thought but here ya go 7 things about me.  And now the next task is to pass this one to other bloggers.  It wasn't clear to how many bloggers should I pass it on so I am choosing 7 of them!  7 is lucky so let's follow that number and be lucky ;-)

1. Ana of Creciendo con David
2. Chris of The Mommy Journey
3. Jinoe of Daddy And The City
4. Hope of Peanut Butter and Hopey
5. Cecille of Ces Little Corner
6. Jared-s mom of Jared's Little Corner
7. Ria of Beautiful Life
8. Kaye of Wahmaholic
9. Mrs. H of My Happily Ever After
10. Lea of Iska's Lessons From Working at Home

Ok, ok. I know these are not 7... I ended up awarding this to 10! Then again 10 is still a good numbe and I also consider it lucky :)  I can't help it there are just so many lovely blogs around there!


  1. thanks for the award! :D

    it is great to know more about you :)

    will work on mine soon!

  2. Wow! Congrats. I've been blogging for a little over a year, and like you, only very few people knew. Now I've gone public, on a new blog and it's pretty exciting.
    I'm right with you on point 6. Spanish Cheetos are missing something!!

  3. you're so sweet...thank you for the award! i'm addicted to junk food too...i'm trying to diet now and it's so hard!

  4. Muchas gracias guapisima!!!!

  5. thank you for tagging me, will work on it now since I've got nothing to do :-) the is great knowing you more

  6. good job with your write up! :)

    and thanks so much for all the links to me! :)


  7. thanks for this award, i am touched that you remember my blog :) i also love the interesting facts about you...go breastfeeding mommy!

    will be working on my post soon so i can share it to other lovely blogs around!mwah!


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