Tuesday, August 14, 2012

She sings, alright.

She has enjoyed songs from day one and as she grows, her love for music grows even more.  She learns different songs quite fast and easily and to top this off, she composes her own songs :) I love to watch her hum or sing different songs while she plays or "read" books on her own.  She also cracks me up when she tries to rephrase the lyics of the songs.   Here's a sample how she rephrases songs:

Song: Arañita Pequeñita (to the tune of The Eensy Weensy Spider)

note: I am writing the english lyrics in direct translation of the spanish song and not how the song is sang in english

Original: La arañita pequeñita, lo alto se subio (The eensy weensy spider, so high it went up)
Her version: La arañita pequeñita, alto subio

Original: Pero vino la lluvia, al suelo se cayó (But the rain came, on to the floor it fell)
Her version:  mmmm vino lluvia, y cayó y lloró! (mmmm out came the rain, and it fell and it cried!)

I died of her silliness and cuteness and then I was resurrected and then died all over again!

Lately, she's really getting into singing that she has started belting it out.  I always wanted to take a video of her but she'd get all shy and annoyed and wouldn't let me.  The other day though, while we were camped out at my inlaw's house,  she miraculously didn't mind mami taking her video... I think she was even enjoying the limelight!

I'll end this post sharing with you some of the my-now-treasured-videos (I shall make tons of backups of these!).  Have fun and be prepared for ear-piercing vocal belting.

and here is the one where she's showing her own style playing the guitar :)
Have a nice week ahead!


  1. ang galing naman. she is so sweet too. the last one is really touching:)

  2. she's so adorable. how cute is her voice! she's indeed Pinay, with her love for singing and belting.

    I came across your blog from one of the blogs i follow. I am also a Filipina who currently live in 2 countries, Cebu and Singapore where my husband works. Glad to stumble your blog and I'm your new follower. :)

  3. Nice singing! She sure can belt out a song. So cute!

  4. wow singer si LSP! with feelings and actions pa talaga. actually, ganyan din anak ko. mahilig kumanta and magcompose. i don't know kung kanino nagmana kasi wala kami talent dun. hehe!

  5. Thanks for sharing the video clips, Marilou! Music is so important for children...they enjoy the rhythm and sound...and can express themselves in dance and singing...and it's a great brain exercise as well...learning the words! LSP is wonderful!

  6. Cute! Maybe she'll become a composer when she grows up. =)

  7. Hi Sis :) hahaha Super cure!! Make sure to document everything by the time she will be a famous singer you will be needing that! LOL ahhaha Super happy to know that she's singing too like me. :) hhahah Take care sis!

  8. So cute! My 4-year-ol daughter loves singing, too. She sings about everything, TVCs to movie sound tracks! :)


  9. I had 2 singers out of 8...they sang as soon as they could talk...still singing today..
    good for you..it is music to my ears!!

  10. So Adorable! Ansarap iuwi! kahit wala ako naintindihan, in fairness, sumo-soprano si baby! Ang cute!!!

  11. Cute! She's really putting her heart to it :) My daughter sings too or rather, shouting her song.

  12. Ang galing naman kumanta! Bumibirit talaga at give na give! Nanginginig pa! hehe!

  13. may balak siyang maging singer....good luck sa kanya..

  14. super cuuuuutteee!!!! gustong makantahan si tita dianne in person!!!


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