Friday, August 20, 2010

We Graduated!

Yes we did.  Tala and I finished our 6-week baby massage classes we've been attending every Friday.  It has been fun and a big riot to see different babies almost the same age as Tala.  There were times when one baby would start to cry and then one by one everyone will start to cry until we have a room of baby orchestra.  Those noisy little fellas.  It's also very cute to hear them babbling at each other or to themselves.. sometimes the midwife would have to talk louder as it's getting harder for her to be heard with all the goo-goos and dadas inside the room.

She was twisting and twisting trying to take a good look of all the things around her

Baby massage is a great way to bond with the baby apart from the other benefits it has for both mom and baby.  Here's a good read about baby massage.

What's more is that Tala and I gained some friends while attending the class :)

Look how these two knows how to socialize

The whole group

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