Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mami's letter to a 4-month Star of the House

My dear Tala,

Has it really been 4 months?  I can't believe I am now putting away some of your clothes that doesn't fit you anymore. I can't believe it has been four months. But to think, it's JUST 4 months and I am already putting away some of your clothes? You are obviously growing up so fast! It was just like yesterday that I was so dreading to clean your navel with a part of the umbilical cord that hasn't taken off yet. How scared papi and I thinking that something was wrong as it has been 10 days and it hasn't taken off yet. I remember so vividly how your papi gasped so loud when it finally fall off after exactly two weeks. I teased him about his girly squeal for a week!  You look ultra fragil back then. You still are now but not as much as during your first days. You are growing up to a really beautiful child. I know you will grow up to a beautiful lady inside and out.

You are such a very happy and active baby. Always out and about discovering things around you. You have demonstrated that, as early as your 16th week in my womb. You are so amazing. But you know, it's ok to take a nap. You won't be missing out on many things. When you wake they'll still be there. You do need to nap for your development and then you'll be able to do more! Doesn't that sound great? And most of all mami gets tired too when you are always awake, kicking, moving your arms, playing with your drool, crying when you get bored in a position, making mami look silly to make you laugh, screaming when you notice me looking away from you, etc. We have all our lives to play, bond and do things together but please, TAKE YOUR NAP WHEN IT'S TIME TO!. A one or two-hour of continous sleep would be REALLY nice! :-)

Oh, and let me remind you that you just turned 4 months... there is no way you'd walk already so stop trying and requesting for me to have you on your feet.  I love to have you on your feet, it's fun I know especially when you start jumping nonstop while drool falls from your open mouth... but sometimes mami has some chores to do soooo, spend more time on your belly or on your back then make more attempts of rolling over.  You should be learning to roll over and crawl first, you know.  No jumping over development stages ;-) Oh, and I must tell your papi to stop teaching you how to walk.  You two are like partners in crime.

Speaking of your papi, I like the way you are getting such a close relationship with him.  I can see how you adore him.  He never fails to make you smile from ear to ear every time.  But don't you dare conspire with your papi against me or you'll see what you're looking for.  Just a gentle reminder from mami ;-)

But you know nap or no nap, too clingy or not, mami adores you soooo much. You are just 100% cuteness! I'd never get tired of staring at your beautiful face always full of expressions. And most of all, remember that mami loves you. Always. I should mention that papi loves you too or else he'd get all jealous and feeling left out.  He's a big drama, you know.

Looking forward to the rest of my life being your mami.


look at you with your I'm-a-big-girl-now face! 

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