Monday, February 14, 2011

Because it's valentines

And I just feel the need to spill out in words what I'd call an overflowing love.

My love story with hubby is something I am looking forward to tell my daughter one day and then to my grandchildren much later on in my life. It's something that would always make me smile and make me giddy just like high school. 

Having met my hubby is one of the biggest gift I have ever received in my life. He made me feel beautiful from the moment his eyes laid on me and in a very myterious way, he still makes me feel beautiful until now. Even after pregnany and motherhood has left footprints in my body. Even after a day of not having a shower busied with mommy duties and office work. Even after having a looong sleepless night nursing a teething 9-month old.

My hubby was a too-good-to-be-true kind of guy and I almost ran away from him. Because I refuse to be fooled. Being skeptic that I am, I thought he couldn't possibly be true but he proved me wrong. His persistence cleared up the clouds in my head. His honesty pushed away my skepticism. His positivity melted down the doubts that was freezing my heart. ::Can I be more poetic and cheesy than this?::

He IS too good. AND true.

I've blinked my eyes a gazillion times. I've pinched myself hard over and over until I kind of peeled off some skin. But I wasn't just dreaming. A man. A good man. A loving man, warm, pure and gentle and everything nice came in my life and has accepted and loved everything that I am. He swept my feet off and I'm just glad that for the first time in life, I forgot about my head and I let the heart win. I flew in the land where I know no one else but him and speak not the language.

Best hasty decision EVER.

I married the man God has prepared for me. Perfect for me in every single tiny bit way. And now, I am even more blessed with a Little Spanish Pinay who just like his father, is everything nice and especial. God is so good. I would never know what I've done good to be pampered like this receiving the two most beautiful people inside and out in the face of the earth that loves me in my blacks and whites. But I am and will be forever thankful of this.

See, I'm overflowing with love both incoming and outgoing. And I just have to spill some of it in words.

Mi amor, sabes que te amo con locura pero no lo puedes imaginar cuanto. La inmensidad es incontable. No digas que tu me quieres mas (como tu siempre dices), que es imposible! :-)

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