Friday, February 4, 2011

2 More Cutting Their Way Out and Probably Another One Soon And Some New Tricks Up Her Sleeves

Little Spanish Pinay has 4 teeth by 8 months - two upper front teeth and two lower front teeth. And now, on her 9 months, there's two more cutting their way out.  One on the right of her two upper front teeth and another one on the left of her two lower front teeth.  It also seems that another one is soon to cut its way on the left of the two upper front teeth.  So that is like 3 teeth at once.  Poor LSP, this time teething took its toll on her.  Brought her fever up to 38.5ºC :(

Good thing the fever only lasted over night.  The following day, she was a bit warm the whole day but not really hot - must be the medicine I gave her too.

Today, she's all sunny and in her usual self again - maybe even more energetic.  She just learned to clap her hands - with sound! She'd happily clap her hands everytime I say palakpakan! (applause!) in our language. Then she got this kiss bug.  She blows out kisses in the air for everybody - makes me want to eat her and eat her again and again.

Her separation anxiety is back in town too.  She's ultra clingy to me and everytime she nurse and sleeps? She wants to be on top of me. Like making sure I can't leave her once she's KO.   She'd be ok playing with someone else but once she sees me, she's all "mama pick me up" ::in her own language::

Oh, and she got a new dance step.  When she's on her feet while holding on to something (like a center table), she'd lean her body a little to the left and lift her right leg and wiggle it or move it in a circular motion.  Funny and cute. Cracks me up to bits.

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