Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I've been craving to have pandesal.  Pandesal is a staple bread in the Philippines good to eat anytime of the day but most especially on breakfast and merienda.  It's good to eat plain or with something else like corned  beef, peanut butter, butter (with a hint of sugar), liver spread, chiz whiz, cheese, spam,  and the list is longer than Santa's list.

It's been a while that I've been dreaming of being able to do make my own pandesal because in this part of the world where Filipino or Asian store is unheard of? One can only taste hot pandesal if he makes his own.  Although the name pandesal (pan de sal or salt bread) has a Spanish bread, there's really no pandesal here.... yeah, life's irony.

One day though (that was last week), I found some courage to dirty my hands with bread flour and make my own pandesal. Hubby cheered for me and I swear that really helped a lot.

I tried to search for a simple recipe where ingredients are readily available here and this is the best I found from Kusina ni Manang.

was really happy my pandesal rose! Don't ask me about the shape... rolling and cutting the pandesal dough is something I need to practice more :)

The whole house filling with the smell of fresh bread...

They are finally done.  Looks like a little bit overbaked but they are delish! 

It can still improve though... I believe I didn't give them much time to rise.  The recipe called for rapid rise yeast and I just realized I used a normal yeast so I should have let them rise for a longer time.  So that's lesson learned.  The next time I do them,  I'm pretty sure they'll be even better.

I told hubby to let them cool down a little bit before trying them but he sneaked behind my back this sneaky sneaky man.  But I am really happy he loved pandesal.  Yesterday he just told me he can't wait for me to make some more.  (His subtle way of commanding me to make some more)

home made pandesal partnered with home made peanut butter IS happiness :)


  1. hmmm, we've been craving pandesal ever since we saw this woman cook a bread similar looking to pandesal (pero french recipe). I'll give this a go to satisfy our cravings! Thanks sis.

    Nga pala since you're in the mood to bake, i posted the Coffee and Walnut Cake recipe on my blog in case you're looking for something else to try. It's dead easy too...

    Nalala ko tuloy ang pandesal sa madaling araw sa atin, haaaay.... =)

  2. No way!!! That bread is so good! Thank you for the recipe, you're my best friend now :) haha

  3. my paborito!! i was munching on this on my way to work today! toasted, sa Manila they are sooo good fresh from the bakery, with butter then with coffee!

  4. yummmy!!! my fave, had one this morning on my way to work! btw, check out my blog, something for you!

  5. oh my you made your own pandesal! that's so cool! i can't cook let alone bake so inggit ako! so glad your hubby liked it.

  6. Galing galing mo na tlga lhotsky pwede ng magtayo ng bakery...hehehe
    Pareho na kyo ni ate beth marunong gumawa ng pandesal:)

  7. These look so yummy and artisanal. I think you did a great job and if there ever was tasting TV or computer tasting, I'd be the first one to taste it. Looks like hubby gave you 2 thumbs up. Have you tried the bread with 'dulce de leche' yet. I hope you have that in Spain.

  8. Wow! that's something i envy- "Baking". More to go... =)

  9. What a lucky hubby you have! Those look amazing. I made my Hubs some apple pies today to take to his meeting at Church. I had a little leftover dough and I made "pigs." It is basically just pie dough with sprinkled sugar and cinnamon. You roll them up and bake them. There were about 15 of them. I had 3 and I went back to get another one a few hours later. Guess what? They were ALL gone. Ultimately I guess it was a compliment ;D

  10. cge pag uwi mo..e welcome kita ng pandesal party...lol

    looks really good! ang galing..one thing you will miss....mag papasko na...simbang gabe ang mga foods! :)

  11. Your pandesal looks amazing. I love having that for breakfast... I simply slop on some butter, and I'm good to go :). That peanut butter looks heavenly as well!

  12. i miss eating pandesal! i have this nagging urge to run out of the house whenever i here a pandesal peddler passing by, buy i am too lazy to get up very early! haha!

    it has been awhile since I've been here...glad to be visiting again :)

  13. wow, home made pandesal are the best..kahit dito sa Pinas, mas masarap pag me labor of love na sangkap!

  14. great job sissy! I can imagine how my life will gonna be in Mexico without filipino store around... i should try making my own pandesal too...thanks for this! now i know i can make it too :)


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