Thursday, October 13, 2011

The time I really blushed and was thankful I met this blog friend

This sweet lady I met in blogosphere has been beating the records of firsts... she's the first who grabbed my button, the first who has added me on twitter (among blog friends) and the first who has interviewed me and featured me in her blog!

Barbara, you are such a darling, really.  You know how I love to follow you on your blog but lately life is crazy (most of the time crazy-fun though so I am not complaining :) ) and I just couldn't find time to stay more time in front of my personal laptop and enjoy my blogging time.  Coz my blogging time? Was temporarily (I really, really hope it is just temporarily) to de-cluttering the house even for just a little bit, or spending more bedtime routine, or just sitting in the couch with my butt almost falling off the couch and arms wide spread to just breath. I seriously need to improve my time management skills or at least develop this skill as I have been thinking I don't have this skill at all.

Anyways my lovely blog friends, if you want to take a peak of Barbara's interview with yours truly, please go and visit.  It's in English so don't worry ;-) but if you feel like brushing up on your Spanish a little bit, go ahead and browse more on her blog as you will definitely learn something!  It's fun :)  


Barbara, thanks once again!


  1. it is nice to know more about you! =) parang ang hirap no, 3 languages gamit mo. ganyan din mom ko pag umuuwi sa ph, minsan di niya pansin Norsk na yung sinasabi niya sa min.

  2. Oh my goodness, I can't thank you enough for such a gracious post. You truly were the first one to take notice of my blog as well. Your comments are what inspired me to write more about my Spanish journey with my daughter and I totally relate with your experience as a mom in another country trying to raise a bilingual child and non-speaking Spanish hubby. Ok, after reading this I literally had to grab a tissue since it's so heartwarming.
    Thank you for your friendship and I always wish all the best from across the seas :)

  3. Don't you just love how the blogsphere opens up all kinds of friendships? Very cool :D

  4. So sweet. COngratulations on the feature! =)


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