Friday, October 23, 2009

15 weeks!

15 weeks today. My baby should be about 10cm big by this time. He's now breathing through the amniotic liquid where he floats as this will help him develop his lungs. Although his eyes are still closed, he can already feel too much light. So if I try to put a lamp on my belly, he will for sure try to get away. But mami won't do that... I don't want to want little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay get uncomfortable with too much light.

Another interesting fact is that the taste or flavor of the food I eat can end up in the amniotic liquid. That means as early as now, I can already train little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay to get used to tastes of healthy food like veggies and fruits. Never early to start training babies! :) But then, what about my junk foods? I am a super headache when it comes to junk food... I like chips, chocolates, chips, and did I say chips? Cheetos! Doritos! Cheese curls! Potato Chips! and anything of this kind. I'm even munching on one of these while blogging. Oh no.

Well, little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay will eat potato chips, corn chips, cheese curls, that's fine. We'll just work it out to be not on the excess and balance it out with other healthy food :) Deal, little one?

I heard him yell "Deal!"

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