Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prenatal Visit before the Grand Reunion

Oct 26 - I had my prenatal check up to see how little Spanish Pinoy/Pinay is doing. I gained one kilo from the last visit which is very ideal. Blood pressure 100/50. Baby's heartbeat is very good. The midwife's words for overall evaluation: "Mejor imposible" - Can't be any better. I am so thrilled.

We are so ready for our grand reunion with our family in the Philippines. Spanish Pinoy/Pinay will hear non-stop tagalog and I do hope he'd pick up words as early as now :-D He'll have his first taste of authentic Filipino food as well... my mouth is already watering just by the thought... mmmm... My mom's ampalaya, paksiw na pata, lechon paksiw, ihaw-ihaw, squid balls, real sweet corn, real green mango and all other tropical fruit we have in the Philippines that're not available in this part of the world, sinigang na baboy with okra!, bopis, goto, lugaw with tokwa't baboy, chocnut, Filipino chuchiriyas... I have to stop or I am just going to get frustrated by not satisfying my cravings.

So, my little one, get ready for the first longest travel you are about to have!

That's like half of the world!

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