Friday, March 19, 2010

Barely a Month Before the Big Deployment!

Yes, it's barely a month and the wait is getting more difficult by the second. My tummy is now too heavy for me that I am suffering from a round ligament syndrome. There are times that the pain is just excruciating that I can't lift a leg to walk. Little Spanish Pinay is still as active as ever...maybe even more. Sometimes I feel like she's crawling her way out of me and the sensation down there is just terrible. Continuous sleep at night has become a rare gem. It's difficult to find sleep many times due to difficulty in breathing and when I finally fall in the abyss of dream, I'd be awaken with either my back pain or cervical pain because of the sudden movement I made.

There seems to be no comfortable chair for me anymore... not the dining chair in our house, not the one at my in-law's house, not any chair from any cafeteria... they're all like a big pressure to my cervix. I only have my one and only refuge... our sofa in the living room. Thank God at least I have one place I can rest. This is where I sleep every night too. Although I still wake up from time to time due to back pain or cervical pain, I still prefer our sofa over the bed a hundred times. I also have this birth ball that helps me calm down my cervical pain while I do some pelvic exercise on it. I recently discovered that I do better with it instead of the dining chair. It sounds ridiculous but hey, works for me. No more additional cervical pain after each meal.

It does sound like this last trimester of pregnancy is becoming a nightmare but then again, everytime I am just lying down the couch watching my tummy wave with our little one's movements (the gentle ones and not the Pacman's jabs and pompyangs), it just feels so magical. She even seems to respond with our calls and touches especially the ones from her papi. It's becoming more and more evident that she'd be daddy's girl. Whenever she goes crazy and I couldn't stand the pain from her kicks and punches, I'd ask my hubby to touch my tummy and talk to Little Spanish Pinay. She would seem to calm down after a few seconds and would do some gentle movements. Hubby will remove his hands, back to what he's doing but then after a few minutes, Little Spanish Pinay's back on her big show. It's as if she's has learned that if she does that, she'd get papi's attention. What a little spoiled bruiser!

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