Sunday, March 28, 2010

Un Regalo Para Toda La Vida

"A Gift for a Lifetime".   That's what the title of the book means.  This is the latest book hubby and I bought and I must say it's a very, very useful, practical and informative book.   It talks about breastfeeding.  I've always been fascinated about breastfeeding.  I'd often watch my mom breastfeed my siblings when they were babies.  It's a perfect picture for me - a mom breastfeeding her baby looking through the baby's eyes and the baby happily drinking his milk, eyes of pure adoration locked on his mother's eyes as well, with one hand touching the mother's breast.  There's no other image more tender than that.  Now that I'm about to be a mom as well, I am really looking forward to be able to breastfeed our little Spanish Pinay.  I know that it'll be our very, very special bond.  To this day, there are many moms that are faced with problems about breastfeeding.  Many moms complain about wanting to breastfeed their child as long as they can but for certain circumstances, they are not able to because they have stopped producing milk.  Some because of their work, and some because it is too difficult for them.  I am really hoping that I will be able to overcome the obstacle of being able to breastfeed our little one as long as she needs.

Reading this book has inspired me a lot and made me more informed about the obstacles and truth about being able to breastfeed without getting overwhelmed and to enjoy all the benefits of it.

An excerpt of what is written at the back of the book says: 
Inside mom's breast, apart from the milk that feeds the baby, the baby seeks and finds fondness, tenderness, consolation, warmth, security and attention.  It's not only about the milk that nurtures, the baby claims for the breast because he wants the warmth of his mother, the person he knows more than anyone.  For that, what's important about breastfeeding is not just counting the hours and the minutes or count the milliliters of the milk, but the bond that is established between the mother and the child, which is the chance to continue the union that binds the mother and the baby-once-inside-the-womb through the umbilical cord 
Breastfeeding is a part of a woman's sexual cycle; for many mothers, it's a moment of peace,   the depth of satisfaction, to know that she is needed and to feel adored. 
These words are just precious.   I felt so moved by these that I thought I need to buy this book.  I am so glad I did.  Once I started reading it, it has been difficult for me to put it down.  There's just so many wonderful things about breastfeeding that I do hope many more moms would exert more effort to be able to breastfeed as long as the baby demands for it.

I know my little Spanish Pinay herself will guide me well to be able to do an effective breastfeeding moments and make each moment unique and memorable for both of us.  After all, no one would know the right moment, the right amount of time and the right way for this moments of bonding, better than her.

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