Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Father's Day

March 19, 2010 - St. Joseph's day. That's when father's day is celebrated here in Spain. Hubby has been all excited for this day from the day I can't remember. He kept on chanting "I'm already a father... I'm already a father!" He'd tell his parents and his sister that they should prepare gifts for him as he is already a father... and they would tease him that children are the one that should give gifts to the father and not anyone else. And he'd fire back saying "Well, I'm going to put a new rule in this family.... from now on, everyone will give gifts to fathers.", then he'd walk away with a big smile pasted on his lips.

From time to time, he'd ask me about his gift... so I'd tell him, well, our little one can't prepare any gift yet as she's still stuck in my womb... so he better not expect anything. He'd give me his puppy eyes and would say "It's not fair... it'll be my first father's day...!".

Of course I wouldn't want to ruin any surprise I was preparing. It wasn't anything fancy but it was something really special and personalized. I was so happy it arrived on time. Manuel really thought I didn't prepare anything so he was really surprised when he got a gift at the same time we presented our gift for his father...

The proud and excited papi

Little Spanish Pinay presenting her gift to her papi

Our family

"A father like mine,
there's only ONE!
I love him very much"


  1. Indeed, you would never forget the very 1st day of being a Father :D God bless you both with more and more babies to come!
    - Allan Roxas


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