Thursday, April 8, 2010

She's a Big Bundle of Joy

She's a bundle of joy, alright.. but she's gonna be a big one!  We had our pre-labor check up today and our OB/Gyne told us that her size is normal but is more of gearing towards "big".  She's 3kg and 800g now (300g +/- margin).  I bit my lips.

We'll have 39weeks tomorrow and looks like I am nowhere near going into labor just yet.  Our little one is enjoying her last moments in the warmth of my belly - that's for sure.   She'd come out whenever she's ready and whenever she feels like it.   An attitude innate to her mom.  Would she inherit most of my character?  If so, her papi would better get ready :-D

She did wonderful though during our pre-labor check up.  We were being monitored for her movements and cardio frequency.  At the beginning though, she was very inactive and didn't want to cooperate.  The nurse gave me an orange juice to drink to poke little Spanish Pinay to move but it didn't work that much.  I sat down and told my husband to talk to her and see if she can be stimulated.  Hubby tried but nothing.  He told me that I should talk to her because what happens when he talks to her is that she calms down but when she hears my voice, she gets excited and happy.  So I started talking to her gently in my native language.  What do you know, just after a few seconds, she started moving... gently.   As if she just woke up.  I felt her stretches.   I continued talking to her and she responded every time.  Her monitor showed a lot of activities.  Hubby and I were so thrilled.  I was so elated.  I felt connected to my little Spanish Pinay more than ever.  I kept telling her she's being a good girl and mami is very proud of her.  She seemed to really like that.

I had to be in this position as I just couldn't keep a lying position.  It pains me.  Main reason why I sleep in the couch at nights and not in bed.... 

So we finished our monitoring session shortly after.  The we were off have our ultrasound.  The OB/Gyne told us more details about our pre-labor term.  Everything's good and normal so far.  Placenta level is good;  I haven't dilated at all, which is stil normal; little Spanish Pinay is on an anterior position - not ideal but she still has time to turn around.  

We'll have to have some serious talk about her assuming the perfect position, about not gaining more weight and about coming out sooner than later!

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