Monday, September 20, 2010

Major, Major Ouch

While it's fun to see Tala, our Little Spanish Pinay, start to learn so many things, it's no fun when she learns to play different tricks with the boobies. It hurts big time, I say! Lately it seems like she's doing her own experiment about the boobies' elasticity. She'd turn her head sideways as suddenly there a lot more interesting things around her than the case at hand. Ya think she's releasing my nipples when she's turning away? Nah-ah. Still tightly latched on her cute mouth! Other times, she'd arch her back forward then pulling her head backwards while still latched on a booby. I don't know what's that all about but it's no joke, it's a major, major ouch! And she even seem to be enjoying that. After reaching the booby's elasticity limit, she'd lose the latch and get a little surprise. She'd open her eyes so wide and put on an excited smile and then would try to latch back on while moving her head from side to side. She's crazy. She's got that really crazy-eyes-wide-open-mischievous-smile on her face.  I haven't even mentioned that she's also now into biting. She hasn't started teething yet but when she bites, I see stars circling around my head. I don't want to imagine how it'll be when she started teething. Oh Lord, protect me. Good thing she has learned to like taking my milk from a feeding bottle so then I get to rest a little bit from this pulling ang biting. But sometimes it's not just the milk she's after but also the warmth and comfort of mami's arms and well, what else but the real thingies. So I take her in my arms and offer her one of the twins.

I am seriously thinking I now belong to the world of martyrdom.

crazy, crazy Tala

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