Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It Was Just a Dream Before.... Until Now.

5 months tomorrow.  Seems a lot already.  I can still remember when I was pregnant and couldn't stop wondering how Little Spanish Pinay would look like.  Will she have her papi's long eyelashes?  Will she have my long and slim feet? Would she have her papi's perfect nose?  I dreamt a lot about her.  I once had a very vivid dream about bathing her.  She was very beautiful in my dreams.  And in my dreams, I was bathing her in such great agility of mine, such expertise. Smiling while singing a very lovely song. I was like this perfect mami dressed like I'm going to the church and all made up.  She was also smiling while I was bathing her.  She was very calm and enjoying this unique and serene experience with me.  If bathing a baby is a sport, I was an olympic champion.  Unbeatable.  And so, it is called a dream.  In my reality, everything is on the contrary, except the part where Little Spanish Pinay was very beautiful (even more than in my dream) and smiling. Smiling with eyes wide open wanting to hold everything around her and to put them in her mouth. The water, the bubbles, the sides of the bath tub, my soapy hands, etc. Me? Splashes of water all over, sweat on the forehead, back aching, strands of hair escaping from my pony tail, but yes, singing with our background music of Dion's Brahm's lullaby. Well, at least trying to sing while yelling "Tala" in between as she try to burry her head forward in the water hoping she can have a taste of those yummy looking bubbles. Then I'd try to smile at her and sing again with head bended sideways just to yell her name again as she twists and tries to escape my grip -- all as an effort to make bath time like the one in my dream.  But alas, the dream just remained a dream...

Then again, it's about her enjoying her bath time.  She does seem to enjoy it more and more so that's what matters.  As of me, I'd keep singing every bath time.  Maybe I won't become an olympic medalist for bathing a baby but perhaps I'll become at par with Celine Dion. Hah!

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  1. hahahha, sooo happy! : ) our reality is really better than any dream : )


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