Tuesday, January 25, 2011

She Loves Water

On the same day she turned 9 months, she started her first swimming lesson. My silly husband was too excited and nervous. Me? I was just excited ::grins:: We've been waiting for this since October. And finally last Friday, the country club called and confirmed that the swimming classes for babies will start the following day.  It's gonna be a tiring and fun Saturday!

The day came and Little Spanish Pinay was all set with her bathing suit and swimming cap.  She's adoooorable.  She was all matter-of-factly about everything.  We were a little bit worried that she'd make a fuss later on since she was to take her morning nap yet, but already no time for it.

Check out my long legs, mami!

ohhhh hot!
When we got in the class, we were told that only one parent is allowed to swim with the baby as to not make the baby feel over protected.  So hubby stayed outside the pool to take pictures.  Unluckily, cameras were not allowed but hubby was still able to take some pictures with his phone and was allowed just this once.

There were about 7 or 8 kids/babies in the class.  Most of them has a face of scared or worried face, clinging to their mom or dad for the love of their life.  One was crying histerically and wouldn't even want to get a quick shower before plunging in the pool.  Little Spanish Pinay was all observant with the surroundings.  I was careful with every move so I won't scare her.  We went to the shower so we can we ourselves before entering the pool.  LSP has a history of getting scared with the water coming out from the shower in our bathroom so I made sure we do it this time slowly.  I sang to her while I slowly turned on the shower.  She smiled and reached for the water.  It was a veeery good sign.  So we sang in the shower and we sang our way to the pool.  She was having a good mood.

Getting to know the instructor
Time to slowly plunge into the pool.  The other kids started whaling, saying no, and climbing up the neck of their parents.  LSP was just looking at the water.  Everything just seems interesting for her and not scary.  And finally time to fully submerge in the water.  LSP loved it. 

testing the water

Just a little later, she was already squealing with joy and splashing the water.  She'd get splashes in her face and would cause her to feel like she's drowning (poor her) but she was ok with it.  We swayed, raised up and down the water.  She sat in the pool gutter and jumped towards me.  Not her favorite activity but she didn't cry nor made a fuss.  She was so amazing the whole time.  I am such a proud mami! I know I sound like a broken record.

Our little champion

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