Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brain Dump

It's wednesday and I actually ran out of the scheduled worldless wednesday posts!  I am in a too-busy-to-write-a-decent-post-but-still-want-to-write-to-help-me-kind-of-breathe-a-little-bit state, so I'm just gonna have a brain dump kind of post today.  Excuse me for the randomness.

I'm actually on vacation the whole week this week but can hardly have time to sit down in front of my laptop without my butt itching to stand up again and do the gazilion things that have to be done around the house.  Not to mention a toddler who'd call me every single minute.  So I'd pop her in front of the tv to watch her favorite video even if it's just for a good 15minutes so I can do some things around the house.  Mommy confession alert!

So she is supposed to start her daycare on July first but I asked the daycare if she can start the adaptation period by today and good thing they didn't give me any problem.  Unfortunately, we had a rough night last night and we came home late from dinner with my inlaws.  The inlaws invited us for dinner because they prepared percebes!  And who can say no to these ugly but delish seafood?  Not us.  Not even Little Spanish Pinay.  She loves them!  She's like: mmmm que bueno es esto! with every bite.

Don't be fooled by the looks! They are totally delectable.  Galicia boasts of having the best percebes in the world and they can be quite expensive outside Galicia.  So there.  They are the main reason why we got home at 11:30pm last night and LSP having to sleep really late and not being able to go to daycare today.

And speaking of daycare.... it's going to be closed on August.  The.Whole.Freaking.Month.Of.August. Spain is normally a dead town country by this time of the month.  People go on vacation and of course, daycares too.  Obviously not me nor hubby has a month-long vacation left.  Not even 2 weeks so we obviously can't split the days like how we did for this month.  The mitigation? Pack our bags and spend the whole month at my inlaw's house.  They don't have an internet connection there but luckily, I got a mobile internet card that will definitely help.  I just hope the data plan will stand the whole month's worth of work.  The downside, hubby might spend some nights at our house instead with us at my inlaw's house... but we'll get by.  What's a few cold nights? :)

On a positive side, I've been enjoying my exclusive time with LSP although I've pulled my hair for quite many occasions.   She's really one too-active, smarty-pants, handful child!  I'd often find myself laughing out loud or bursting with aaaargh inside or having my heart melt with her antiques.

She's obsessed with putting lipsticks or make ups.
 So today's plan is for her to hopefully skip naptime - so she can sleep early for the night.  We are a family of night owls and that has got to be changed now that she's going to daycare and must wake up by 9am at the latest.   We are also hoping we can drop by the country club and spend time on the outside pool so we can at least take advantage of the good weather.  Not to mention LSP is a sucker when it comes to the pool.  So wish us luck for today's plan so LSP can sleep well and won't get cranky tomorrow for waking up earlier than her normal.

I'll end this post with some awesomely(awesomely IS a word depending on what dictionary is used, mm'kay?) cute pictures of LSP enjoying the water like there's no tomorrow :)

One leg up like you are inlove, that's how a lady should swim.

Do the proper breathing through the mouth like a real pro-swimmer if you want to float nicely

And lastly, enjoy the sun and water till your heart burst with pure toddler blissdom!

Excuse me for the scarce visits on your blogs too. Promise I'll catch up one day... soon I hope :)


  1. Ang cute! Hindi nmn obvious mashado na tuwang tuwa si Tala :)
    Super love ko ang last pic. Makes me smile :)

  2. Aww! Have a lovely vacation sis. And omg, LSP can swim na! Buti pa siya, I still don't know how to swim at my age. Hehe :)

  3. She so cute with her swimming outfit and hope you will have a great vacation:)

    Sorry for the late visit...I was bit busy with my new work:)

  4. she looks like such a natural in the water!! I used to go to the pool everyday when my kids were little...tired them out for a nap so I could get stuff done around the house...
    you are so lucky to have such great in laws!

  5. Interesting ang percebes na yan! Super enjoy ang baby sa pag swimming o!

  6. I miss you! Glad to hear your on vacation, kind of. She is getting so big now! My goodness.

  7. Daig pa ako ni baby, marunong na siya mag-swim! The percebes looks scary, lol! Is LSP excited for her first day of school? I wish we could also have a month long vacation.. with pay! lol..

  8. I can really tell from the photos that Tala just loves swimming. Cute! And good luck with daycare :) Sunod na si Kelly. Hehe.

    Coffee With Kim

  9. What's in August? Is it summer vacation there or something? Very interesting... =)


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