Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daycare. First day!

This is it.  She has formally launched herself in the world of daycare.  Today was her first day to spend 2 hours with the other kids in the daycare.  I was really nervous last night about this (and watching Spain vs. Portugal soccer match didn't really help... but ahhh we won! ahh! ahh! we won!).  Things went quite well except that Mr. Rain decided to peek and say hi.  At the exact moment that we went out the house.  So yes, Mr. Rain, very funny.

She was really cool about it when I told her (just when she woke up) that today, we'll be going to the daycare.  She was just like, yes!  Then I let her watch her favorite cartoon show while I gave her breakfast.  About 20 mins before our time to go, I told her that we are leaving soon.  Her response was "Solo Gomby, vale? Un momento.  Gomby solo. Entonces a la guarderia" that translates literally to "Just Gomby, ok? One moment.  Gomby only.  And then to the daycare".  Where did she learn to negotiate like that???

She didn't get to finish the whole show because we need to go. It was quarter to 10 already. I turned off the tv, prepared myself for a battle, but surprisingly she didn't say anything.  I asked her if she's ready and she said yes.  So off we went.  And Mr. Rain as well.  Good thing  Mr. Rain was quite subtle so we reached the daycare without really getting us too wet.

And then, we called papi just before we entered.  Little Spanish Pinay told papi that we are about to enter the daycare and that she misses him and she loves him to bits.  When I took the phone, dear papi sounded really moved and seemed to be having a hard time containing the tears.  I wanted to tease him but decided not to.  We'll be late ;-)

Finally we entered, I took her off the stroller and she suddenly smiled enthusiastically.  I was calmed.  Then one carer approached us, said hi and then asked LSP if she wants to play with the other kids.  LSP just nodded slightly with her super, serious face.  Yello flag. I was starting to tell myself, be ready, mami.  After a few words with the carer, my big girl gave me a kiss and then off they went inside.  Something was pinching my stomach inside.   My heart was like a drum and bugle.  It's making a loud thumpity thump but at the same time making the sweet tinkety tink music.

There goes my big girl saying see you later, mami! 
 Look at the other kids welcoming her!
When she turned her back, it was my sign to step back, suck up my tears and take a deep breath. 
And smile.


  1. Aw she's a big girl now! I can't imagine how emotional that must be for a mom. You did great Mom!

  2. kakatuwa naman si LSP. At least di ka nagkaroon ng problema. Good luck!

  3. LSP's too cute!! I love how she managed her first day with confidence and grace! No crying moments for baby, but for mommy? hmmm..

  4. wow! big girl na si LSP. sis, parang sa aiport naman ang scene ng last two photos, mahirap mag-goodbye. =)

  5. ayos ah....madami siyang magiging kaibigan...

  6. Awww... Lhot I want to give you a hug too! So proud of Tala. :-)

  7. Oh my goodness... such a big day for everyone. I'm sure everyone survived, right?! That is so awesome of her to be brave for her mami amd papi! :) My little one was not as brave and cried after I left! I could hear him screaming... and I stood by the door until he clamed down. But it was awful and after a few months we stopped going. It was only twice a week for a few hours, so it was hard for me to leave him screaming like he was being pinched all day! :(
    Good for LSP!!!!

  8. that pinching in the stomach i can very well relate to. sometimes I wish they'd come running back to mommy instead of being all grown up and just bid us 'bye' or 'see you later.'

  9. aww i don't know if I can walk away when my Lucas finally goes to toddler school. I still have more or less a year to prepare for that. :)


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