Monday, February 8, 2010

30 Weeks, 10 To Go

At 63.5kgs, my midwife has cleared me off the diet!! Wooohooo! I can now eat normally... uhm, normally like a normal person and not the normal me who gulps a whole bag of cheetos in say, 3 gulps? Thanks to my mother-in-law, my midwife found out about my nasty little a addiction to junk food. So my midwife was so adamant about me staying away from those. According to her, If I really do crave for them, I'd have to limit myself to just an amount fit on my palm and ONLY once a week... on a Saturday, for instance! I never had problems with weight gain due eating to too much junk food before I got pregnant... but I guess pregnancy does change one's metabolism... and apart from that, I have a little one inside me to think about... so I must be more responsible now and try to stay away from my junk foods.

30 weeks... just 10 more to go. We're really getting nearer to our due date. I'm excited and nervous at the same time... but really, more on excited. I can't wait to see my little Spanish Pinay and held her in my arms and smell her baby scent.

I've been a little bit better from the pains I've been having around the cervix area for the past 2 weeks. I still have the pains especially when I am on foot for a long time.. but it is not as unbearable anymore as before. I guess my efforts to do Kegel exercise is paying off as well as being able to walk more over the weekend. Looks like the pain was caused by little Spanish Pinay's pressure on the certain part of my cervix and being seated for too much time in a day due to work. The doctor also told me that as time goes by, the baby's head will decend more and will avoid that part of the cervix that might be giving me more pain so things will get a little bit better. Although, as the baby grows, I can feel more pressure down there that may give me some other uncomfortable sensations. I just need to avoid to be on foot for too much time. Walking is good but I should pace properly so I won't be carrying the weight for more than the required time.

I'm also getting ready for my preparatory class for the DDay. The class will be every Friday at 9:30am to 11am. It'll be nice to meet other pregnant women in town and listen to their own unique stories about the joys of pregnancy :-D

with 97cm waist line!

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