Monday, February 8, 2010

Los Padrinos

Padrino and madrina are the terms used here in Spain for godfather and godmother respectively. In my language, we use the terms ninong and ninang. The custom of choosing godparents here in Spain is slightly different than in the Phililppines. Here, each child can only have one pair of godparents, unlike in the Philippines where parents can choose as many pairs as they want. Sadly, sometimes the baptism already look a bit ridiculous having too many godparents lined up in the altar. On the other hand, just one pair of godparents is a little bit sad for me being accustomed to maybe at least 2 or 3 pairs of godparents per child. But then again, the concept becomes more intimate, important and sacred. I suppose having just one pair of godparents to choose for your child in this manner, would make the parents have to carefully choose the godparents-to-be and they would probably the people whom the parents would really, really, really trust their child with in their absence. The relationship as well can become more exclusive between the parents and the sole godparents as well as between the godchild and the sole godparents.

A little bit of a history about padrinos: padrino comes from the latin word patrinus which refers to someone not being the real father, funcions as a father. Same thing goes for madrina (gomother). During the first centuries of the history of the Church, los padrinos (godparents) are the guarantors of the faith of the one being baptized. The godparents are the ones who presents the newly converted Christian to the Christian community. The godparents are also the ones responsible to help the parents provide Christian education to the child - or guide the child himself to walk his faith when he becomes an adult.

As parents-to-be, we have already elected the godparents for our little Spanish Pinay and we are very sure little Spanish Pinay will be very delighted with our choice. None other than my unica sister-in-law and her husband. Little Spanish Pinay is going to be my sister-in-law's first niece and I can feel her excitement to meet our little one. Being here in Spain, I couldn't think of anyone else that would love our little one like her own child than my sister-in-law. She will be a very wonderful madrina I'm sure. Same goes for her husband. We are very fond of him and there is no one else more fitting than him to be our little one's padrino.

My hubby and I have a very good relationship with his sister and his brother-in-law. We love to spend time with them chatting, playing wii, singing karaoke and going to places. Having them as the padrinos of our little one will just strengthen the bond we have as family.

Just wait till you meet your padrinos my little one. You will aboslutely love them.

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