Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby, my bladder is not a trampoline

8 months and little Spanish Pinay is becoming even more active. Articles I've read mentioned that by this time, baby's movement may be lessened as they grow and the space they move around gets smaller. Apparently, not the case for my little one.

I enjoy watching my big tummy dance to little Spanish Pinay's rhythm. I am always amazed how my tummy moves like something is boiling inside or when it takes a very funny shape because little Spanish Pinay seems to be stretching or just practicing her vogue pose. I tried to capture it through a video many times but it's just not the same seeing it with my own eyes and feeling the movement at the same time. I would often talk to her and would sometimes get responses of sharp kicks. Makes me burst out laughing.

That is the joyous part. On the other hand, she also seems to love jumping up and down on my bladder. Gives me sharp pains and the feeling of an emergency nature's call. It's not only my bladder that she enjoys jumping around but she also loves to do some Jacky Chan moves that make me jump with a sudden sharp pain on the sides or the area where my lungs are at. Sometimes, I also feel like I can feel her kicks on my rectum.... oops, no intention of grossing out anyone.

In general I do enjoy the baby movements and wouldn't change it for anything in the world... but boy, they do hurt sometimes.

It did came to me one time that this tremendous amount of baby movements might not be normal. So, as what I usually do, I scouted the online world for an answer. As expected, I am not the only one having the same question in mind. Every article I've read says this is completely normal and is actually a very good thing, because healthy and happy babies love to move (that is when they are not napping...). I smiled about the thought. My little Spanish Pinay is a happy baby. I'm dying to see her smile and hear her giggle.

I shared this happy baby article to hubby and he laughed with contentment. More so, he kind of stopped calling our little one as rasculina (little rascal). He now knows better ;-). Little Spanish Pinay is not being rasculina... she's just happy. She's a happy baby and we are her happy papis :)

Tomorrow, during my scheduled prenatal checkup, I will confirm more with my midwife. She'll probably laugh at my question but it doesn't matter. I prefer to look ignorant by asking silly questions than getting eaten by paranoia.

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