Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bummers on Third Trimester

At the beginning of my 28th week, I have started feeling some pains on my cervix area. Not a big of a deal pain, but it has called my attention. Very similar to the pains a woman would normally feel during her period. Like gravity is focusing right there to pull it down. I thought I was just tired, so I tried to rest as much as I can. But comes the 29th week, the pain has worsen. It's realy difficult to stand up from a sitting or lying down position. First few steps are just unbearable. Rolling over while in bed has turned out to be a nightmare. I do not walk like a normal pregnant woman anymore... I have converted into a human penguin. My paranoia has even bloated more when I started to consult the internet and found different cases and variety of opinions. I wanted to think this is just normal... afterall, I'm already almost in my 30th week. But pain this strong... this couldn't be just normal.

Good thing that may scheduled prenatal check up was already nearby so I waited till the day. My midwife, upon seeing me walking slowly with difficulty, immediately asked me, "What happened to you?" I just said, I am in so much pain.

She started checking up on me, asking questions but couldn't really find out what's wrong. She asked me to take urine analysis just to eliminate the possibility that it could be UTI... but it is very unlikely. I don't have the symptoms of someone who has a UTI. She also asked me to go to the emergency later today so they can check up on me more. She is worried about what could be causing me this too much pain. And I am triple worried.

So in the afternoon, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law brought me to the emergency. I was attended at once and they had me submit a urine sample and then later on was asked to lay down the bed to they can monitor the baby's heartbeat and to see if there's any contraction. I spent about 30mins in the bed hearing my little Spanish Pinay's heartbeat and kicks at the same time. As usual, she's really active and seems to be very curious about what was connected in my tummy. She kept on moving and poking the area where I had a stethoscope-like aparatus connected to my tummy.

Then the time for the gynecologist to check on me has come. I was asked to go to another room to see the gynecologist. After checking the result of the urine, the heartbeat and contraction monitor, he was utterly convinced everything is normal. I told him I don't know up to what intensity of pain is considered normal. He also briefly checked the baby via ultrasound. Measured the head and the tummy and then told me everything is perfectly fine. After giving me a book-length explanation of anatomy and pregnancy, I just gave up and told him ok.

Honestly, one part of me is really happy that everything seems to be really good for my little one... but I am still left with the same question in my mind. Is this kind of intense pain really is still normal for a pregnant woman like me at this time of gestational period? Some women I know who had been pregnant didn't have this kind of pain... some women I know and heard of also had even the worst kind of pain and some other worst experiences. Each pregnant woman is really a whole new different world. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

Right now, I just have to take my doctors' words, try not to worry and bear the seemingly unbearable. Most of all, I just have to trust God with all this. He's been taking care of this little angel in my belly and I do know He has already assigned a guardian angel to protect her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I too am will be fine, as little Spanish Pinay needs the orginal Spanish Pinay to be healthy and strong. There's more to come so I better gather more guts until the big day.

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