Thursday, February 11, 2010

And The Single-Number Countdown Begins

9 weeks to go!! I feel like the time has passed by sooo quickly. From the time that hubby and I were monthly hoping that I'd have my delay soon, the time when we finally confirmed we're pregnant, my tormented first trimester, the first ultrasound, so on and so forth. Although I am already excited to finally have our little one in our arms, I do believe I am going to miss the feeling of being pregnant :-D. The look of my big tummy and little Spanish Pinay's movement inside my belly are one of those that I will definitely miss. I'd laugh when my tummy moves in a ridiculous way. I'd often wonder how little Spanish Pinay actually does her movements inside as she gives me funny feeling with her movements. Well, sometimes not so funny as they hurt.

As the single-number countdown begins, I started to feel a much better with the cervix pain I mentioned from the previous blogs. With the help of 2 things:

Maternity belt

Kegel exercise

Right now, I am feeling much better with the cervical pains. I walk better now and feel better overall. So, the gynecologist was right after all... there's nothing to be worried about the pains I was having... they're really one of the joys of pregnancy :)

I've read about Kegel exercise that it does wonders. It's basically a pelvic-floor strengthening exercise. It helps you give better support for the growing uterus, bladder and bowels. It also can ease pregnancy and postpartum symptoms such as hemorrhoids and urinary incontinence. Another really good benefit of Kegel exercise is that it can help you avoid episiotomy during delivery. I do have to be faithful with my Kegel exercise especially that it seems like my pelvic cannot support my growing uterus that much as I had those pains that sent me running like mad pregnant to the emergency section of the hospital. So wish me luck with keeping the discipline on doing Kegel exercise.

So there, 9 weeks to go... let the countdown begin!

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