Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reusable Diapers? ¿Pañales Lavables?

The environment has becoming more and more of a concern these days. People are getting more aware and responsible about their role to helping mother nature not to fall into comatose.

With the global warming effects slowly taking its toll on earth, it's really about time to be more conscious on what we ditch to the earth's ground.

Our little own way is to make sure we separate our garbage between biodegrable, plastics, papers, bottles. I also collect oil to be thrown on special containers for oils. There are companies that reuse oil to create other products (like soap, maybe). Batteries are also thrown to their respective containers.

Now to extend effort on this a little bit more, we are greatly considering reusable diapers (called pañales lavables here in Spain) for our soon to be born little Spanish Pinay. Disposable diapers contain a lot of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Talk about the perfumes they contain, the plastic, toxic bleaches used to make the diapers bright white, etc. Reusable diapers nowadays are far from the cloth diapers (lampin in my language) that our grandmoms (or moms) used to put on their babies. They are very much like the disposable diapers only that, well, they are reusable! Although it's starting to become popular, there are still a lot of people that would cringe just by the thought of "reusable diaper".

Obviously, I do not have any experience about using these modern reusable diapers so I can't give much opinion on it. But I am excited about the thought of the benefits it has for the environment and more so, for little Spanish Pinay. Oh, and not to mention the great savings in the long run. I've been digging more information and opinion about these so-called reusable diapers and so far I am getting more and more convinced about it. Although from different forums, it's obvious that it is not the popular choice between moms.

The biggest argument is the convenience of the disposable diapers over reusable diapers. Most moms are working moms and they are too busy to think about more items to stash on the their already piled up laundry bin. Also they are grossed out by the thought that you'd have to clean up the diaper from the solid waste and have them sit there till they get the time to wash them. Not to mention the fact that there are moms that bring their babies to daycare and having them use reusable diapers might be a reason for the daycare to reject their babies.

Those are very valid reasons... but could it be that, these moms are just not well informed about reusable diapers and are just having prejudice about the reusable diapers?

I've found one forum and someone has detailed out her personal experience about using reusable diapers. I am very glad I've stumbled upon this forum and I have in fact sent her a personal message asking more about her experience. She has gladly responded to my questions and even encouraged me to just send her personal message if I have more questions about reusable diapers. She had been very happy with the reusable diapers and never had problems from the daycare people. They only had one problem though... they said it's hard to detect if the baby had the poopoo time since it doesn't stink at all! How cool.

When it comes to economical savings, disposable diapers will never beat the reusable ones. They say a child can use 5000-7000 disposable diapers until they potty train. So let's be conservative and use 5000 diapers at 0.3 € each, that solves to 1,500€ already. While a 20 reusable diapers that you'll ever need until potty train can costs about 500€. That's already a pretty attractive savings. Not to consider baby's no rush butt! The same reusable diapers can also be used for the next child.. hmmmm.

I do think I will try this. Perhaps 4 to start with and see how little Spanish Pinay gets comfortable with it and for me to get a real feel on how easy they are to use. Now, my problem is that there's just too many colors and prints to choose form! Decisions, decisions...

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