Monday, August 31, 2009

7 weeks with Burning Acidity

I have been suffering from too much acidity and gases. This is really killing me and making me feel depressed during my pregnancy. My doctor didn't want to give me anything for the gases nor for the acidity :( ... says the lesser the medicine I take, the better. I have to try to put up with it for now... and if not, then I can go back and we can talk again... oh well, I wouldn't want to take anything that can harm my little one either so, what else to do, but just endure it for now. My hubby needs to put up with my crying and bad mood too at the same time, he's too worried and yet there is really nothing that can be done... I can feel his frustrations as those are my very own frustrations too plus the queasiness, acidity and gases.

You see my little one, Mami is trying to put up with all this just to make you safe and healthy... so promise me, you'll hold on tight, ok? I know you are strong my dear small one. Mami and Papi loves you so much.

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