Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Prenatal Checkup

I just had my first prenatal check up. It was a nice experience. The midwife who took my health information and pregnancy data was really nice. She gave us advices and answered our questions willingly.

The result of my blood and urine analysis all came out good. I need to do several checks more. One for the dental check up, one for the ultra sound, another one with the midwife... and another one for prenatal "chat". I suppose they are going to orient me together with the other women about pregnancy. I can't wait to do all those. And this time, I was given something that I can take for acidity... if it becomes too unbearable.. .as well as something to help me ease down vomiting. Yay! I'll try not to take anything as much as I can... only during desperate times... I don't want any minute risk for my sweet little baby :).

I have this little book now to record all the check ups and data about this wonderful experience. This is provided by the hospital... the only thing about is... it's in Gallego!!! The local language in the province were we live in... why not in Spanish I ask... oh well.

At the end of the check up, we were given a box full of welcome freebies for the baby. We were thrilled :-D

Isn't that sweet?

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